With Republicans over-spending is a discouraged misstep –

with Democrats it’s a rewarded platform…


From the Chair – Last Friday’s 1.3 trillion dollar Omnibus bill was a bit discouraging to those who believe our Republican elected officials should work extra-hard to model our Party’s platform, promises and principles. As with all things human, there are rights and wrongs and positives and negatives with this bill – and we get the complexity. Still, last night’s BCGOP Executive Committee felt the need – in a constructive fashion – to raise our concerns to our Republican elected officials. Below is a brief introductory letter followed by the Resolution that was submitted by the Chair and fine-tuned by the Executive Committee. It will be mailed to our elected DC officials tomorrow. We wanted to share it with you today…


Dear                      :

First let us share our appreciation for your daily service; the abuse you endure; deceptions you overcome; and the pressures you bear on behalf of the blessed citizens of our country. We are grateful for what you do and especially appreciative of your efforts to do it as a Republican. We understand how hard that is and that our real opposition rides a donkey – not an elephant.

Attached, please find a Resolution drafted by the Chair and fine-tuned by the Executive Committee that references shared concerns about the content and impact of the Omnibus Bill passed on March 23rd, 2018

We understand that there are deeper complexities at work, however, we are concerned that the long-standing pattern of dramatic debt accumulation and dysfunctional budgetary process is unsustainable. We fear for our country’s future unless this pattern is broken – and we know that if and when that happens, it will only be under the “reality, reason, responsibility and right” guided hands of Republican leaders.

Regardless of how you voted on this measure, please accept this Resolution as a raised hand of concern – not a shaken fist – from a group that is allied with you toward a common mission. We are sincere when we say we are grateful for your service!

On behalf of the Executive Committee,

Carl Mumpower, Chair


– R E S O L U T I O N –

WHEREAS, the Omnibus Spending Bill has positive impacts including needed support for our military; conditioning Palestinian foreign aid to disavowing terrorism; fixes for the NICS background check law; and holding the line against unconditional amnesty; and
WHEREAS, this Bill nonetheless results in a dramatic expansion of unsustainable national debt; and
WHEREAS, this Bill fails to address much needed border security in a tangible and well-defined manner and contains expansive special interest funding; and
WHEREAS, this Bill represents a dramatic evasion of our Party’s stated Principles and Platform and therefore holds the potential to discourage and disenfranchise Republicans and our partners in good governance; and
WHEREAS, in the absence of a Party of Principles, voters naturally drift toward the Party with the least principles – and in that this is not the Republican Party – this Bill serves as unearned support for the opposition Party; and
WHEREAS, having invested dramatic time, energy and resources in assuring the election of a Republican President with majorities in the House and Senate; therefore
WE DO RESOLVE, as the Buncombe County Republican Party of North Carolina Executive Committee, to hereby directly express our sincere appreciation to those who voted against increasing the debt on current and future generations and extreme disappointment in the leadership that pushed for its passage.
Submitted on behalf of the Buncombe County Republican Party Executive Committee:
Carl Mumpower, Chair
March 26, 2018
Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save

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