From the chair – Per Sunday’s C-T, Buncombe Republicans and our partners in good governance have another reason to celebrate our representation in Washington. Here’s the opening paragraph of reporter Mark Barrett’s article – “Asheville – The four men who represent Western North Carolina in Washington have long been wary of calls for new gun control measures – and there is little sign that will change much following last month’s school shooting in Florida.” There’s a lot of courage embedded in that sentence.

We’re grateful Mr. Barrett is correct and that our four reps are united in saying “no” to Brand-X’s call “to do something” – even if it doesn’t do anything.

Senators Burr and Tillis and Representative McHenry are voicing strong support for a bill to prompt government agencies to do a better job of reporting to and utilizing the national data base used to filter gun sales. We appreciate the effort to push enforcement over just passing new laws that weigh down law-abiding citizens and do little to stop the real bad guys.

Our representatives are all united in the importance of strengthening one of the weakest links in our society’s safety net – addressing mental health reform. There are answers and though no system will be fool-proof, we can do a much better job of impairing high-risk individuals before they accelerate. Those who claim mental-illness is not a real factor in mass shootings know very little about killing. Mental illness is actually a crucial ingredient in the toxic cocktail necessary to push human beings to assassinate other human beings. Mentally healthy people don’t go into schools, businesses, malls, and high traffic areas with a mission of slaughter.

Congressman Meadows took his strongest stand on getting more armed first responders in our public schools. In an increasingly dangerous world, it makes sense that our children’s safety should be as important as the safety of our judiciaries, government agencies, body-guarded politicians and Hollywood elites.

The reporter correctly pointed out that our reps are generously supported by the NRA. We appreciate that too and Professor Chris Cooper’s suggestion that these campaign contributions are not a matter of buying votes – but an effort to stand with elected officials who share majority support for the wisdom of the Constitution and the self-protection rights in the 2nd Amendment.

The only minor “bump” in the road involved a move by some to join the call to ban a silly device sometimes used on semi-automatic rifles called a “bump stock.” Anyone who’s experienced these shooting range toys knows they’re notoriously unreliable and prone to jamming the weapon to which they are attached. It might be suggested that this ban is a small exercise in motion over action – especially since a shooter thus equipped is going to (1) have trouble aiming effectively (2) likely have to spend time fixing jams and (3) will be thus be less lethal than an armed assassin without one. May we suggest our elected officials consult this subject with the nearest special ops guy. (;

The Florida school shooter used California-legal 10-round magazines – again demonstrating its the person – not the tool – that represents the greatest danger to our children and law-abiding citizens. Meaningful action will have us intercepting more bad guys before they act (Florida offers a model of our failure to heed multiple warnings from all sorts of sources); impair their ability to enter schools and other vulnerable sites; and have good guys with guns available to respond quickly when they succeed in thwarting constraints.

We’re grateful we have 4 representatives in DC with the courage to stand up to pressure; keep Brand-X from misusing the victims of shooting events to advance their political agenda of disarming law-abiding citizens; and to keep eyes on meaningful solutions to the real problems.

Thank you Senator Tillis, Senator Burr, Representative McHenry and Representative Meadows!


Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save



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