From the chair – This year’s American Success Equation High School Essay Contest was a great success. We are grateful for all the submissions and will be announcing our winner at the April 8th Lincoln-Reagan Dinner at the Renaissance Hotel in Asheville. Thanks to all of the participants – we are excited that young minds like yours will one day be running America.

Today we’re announcing our runner-up submission – Ms. Gracie Boheler – 11th Grade – Martin Nesbitt Discovery Academy. Congratulations Gracie – we love your thinking! Your certificate – and one for all of the participants – is in the mail…


Olivia (Gracie) Boheler – 11th Grade, Martin L. Nesbitt Discovery Academy – BCGOP Essay Contest – 3/25/18

Conserving American Success

Mark Twain once wrote that “[p]rosperity is the best protector of principle,” but he failed to mention its contribution to a nation’s success. American success is qualified by a summation of three valuable concepts that ultimately showcase the country’s wealth. The “American success equation” equates to prosperity through the addition of liberty, responsibility, and opportunity. This idea applied to the Founding Fathers’ governmental design process, which was influenced by a future yet-reached. These notable men established national standards that were intended to stand the tests of time, which is why this trifecta exudes importance. The prosperous combination of liberty, responsibility, and opportunity maintains the everlasting vision of the United States, which will matter as long as this country stands.

Liberty was one of the most prominent thirsts of America’s Forefathers and is secured in the living documents their posterity has inherited. This concept encompasses freedoms ranging from personal expression to economic and civic capabilities. These liberties are especially influential in prosperity as they encourage fresh thinking, cultural investment, and personal ownership. The preamble of the United States’ Constitution refers to said liberties as “blessings” which help to “form a more perfect Union” (“U.S. Constitution”). The nation’s perfection is symbolized in the nation’s cultural and economic enrichment that results from inalienable rights that promote individualism. Liberties allow Americans to prosper as individuals, establishing the basis for a prosperous nation, which cannot be taken for granted.

The second success-factor of responsibility is present in terms of independence, national interest, and community. Responsibility correlates to independence, where citizens’ can lawfully act without excessive governmental intrusion. This is especially important today, as many are concerned that immoderate government dependency is “economically and morally bankrupting” (Fraser). High levels of dependence are economically destructive and threaten the nation’s ability to self-govern, which is why personal and social responsibilities must be maintained. Modern Americans are responsible for performing their civil duties and staying informed. Citizens’ awareness should cover modern events as well as the laws and values that govern the nation. Well-engaged and self-reliant citizens contribute to the making of progress and the strengthening of local and national communities, which will prove to be vital for future generations.

Opportunity is one of the most prominent allures of the United States, inspiring immigration, while aiding the country’s global image of prosperity. Many associate American opportunity with economic possibility, but it extends well beyond that. It provides its citizens and relative hopefuls the opportunities to feel free, secure, and successful. Similarly to the Founding Fathers, migrants consider America with the future in mind, and as a place where the “pursuit of happiness” starts. Additionally, the nation’s prosperity is well credited to diverse human capital and an economically sound government (Morgan). America’s workforce is an ambitious combination of native and naturalized citizens that add to the country’s prosperous nature through economic accomplishment. The third factor of the “American success equation” ultimately showcases a strong, national proponent of growth that dates back to its colonization, where prosperity resulted from willful change.

The best of America, as well as its future, can be found in the triad of the “American success equation,” which is why it will continue to matter. The prosperity-achieving trio originated with the country’s birth and has accompanied national growth ever since. The formula does not lose its value in times of change, but in moments of ignorance and decreased constitutional regard. The United States’ longevity depends on its prosperity, which citizens cannot let diminish. The importance of national documents and their respective ideals should be educationally reinstated as a prosperity maintenance effort. According to George Washington, America is “the second land of promise,” a grand title secured by the “American success equation” and protected by the prosperity it generates (Magnet).


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Why be a Republican? Because we get The American Success Equation

Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Prosperity.

We don’t pretend that skipping ingredients will produce the same results.

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