From the chair – Please note the cover of this monthly publication. Mind if we use it to make an absolute statement? The Republican Party is the only organized political body capable of saving America from the radical left. That, in a nutshell, is why we’re Republicans – and you need to be too.

It’s worth repeating – The Republican Party is the only organized political body capable of saving America from the radical left.

We’re not being alarmists. Evidence of the misguided malevolence of the progressive-liberal-socialist movement surrounds us. Of greater concern, especially considering their extremism, is their record of success. Mind if we capture your attention with examples?


  • The first aim of any political movement seeking dominance is media supremacy – who has it now…
  • The first give-a-way of a totalitarian agenda is stark intolerance to alternative thinking – who does that now…
  • The first social targets of all despots are the systems of education, faith and family – who is working that now…
  • The first casualty of a civil war for monolithic control is truth – who is betraying that now…
  • The first break in democratic ideals is rejection of electoral process and outcome – who is taking that path now…

Around the turn of this century my adolescent son and I undertook a educational journey to Cuba. I wanted him to see a communist country in full bloom. We were not disappointed.

The one thing – the only thing Cuba had in adequate quantities and qualities was ice cream. Per Castro’s need to make his sow’s ear look like a silk purse, it was and is cheap and plentiful. Ask me sometime about the true-to-scale Biltmore Dairy Bar near the cut-off to Castro’s house. Winky’s gone here – he’s moved to Cuba.

Contrary to the fake tourist images of sexy old cars and spontaneous salsa street dances, Havana was a worn out decrepit haven of desperation. Our hotel (which was off-limits to non-employee Cubans) had a nifty bar tended by no less than the former head of the University of Havana Russian language school. Our cab driver was a former Assistant Secretary of State who had fallen from grace. Both were bright, educated and disparagingly trapped gentlemen who would have given a leg to find a way out.

Why? Because life without hope is a hollow equation. Cuba was and is the land of the lost. Except for random bubbles of barely tolerated capitalism, there is no place to go – except for ice cream. Chronic protein deficiencies cultivate an artificially aged population that moves with a speed more about lethargy than laid-back Caribbean chill. Work is scarce; the pay is worse; and the opportunity for advancement and prosperity is persistently bleak.

Typical to communists countries, per our observations the only ones really prospering were those who worked for the system. There were a lot of those people too. They carried guns; wore nicer clothes; or just looked like they had something the rest didn’t – a little power over their own destiny.

Yes, Castroba has some pluses – but behind the facade big pieces are always missing. Case in point – though Cuba’s medical professionals were well trained, the technology, equipment, medicine and facilities necessary to using those skills were in drastically short supply – just like good plumbing, toilet paper and liberty.

Do you know what they used for buses in Havana – large open air gravel trucks with a ladder off the back. Some have since been upgraded with a roof and windows – sort of like sexied up cattle cars.

In a country where the buildings are falling down and most of their cars are held together with bailing wire, third class is the norm. Do we really want to duplicate that model?

No matter what you hear, Cuba is a disaster stuck in time. Any progress being made is because capitalism fueled tourists are bringing their dollars and propping up the Communist despots controlling everything but their own humanity. The leadership transition currently in play finds the Castro brothers no longer at the helm – but their disastrous thinking will be continued by underlings with less talent.

Failure is the final landing place for Communism-Socialism-Progressivism no matter what it’s called or where it’s started. Isn’t it fascinating that Brand-X in America is attempting to exchange our amazing success equation for an illusion blowing apart just 90 miles south of Key West?

Unable to craft their own chunk of happiness amidst the bounty and grace of the most blessed country in the world, the left is seeking compensation through a fantasy cultural reset. Whether it will work or not is a matter of indifference. That’s the reasoning of a Las Vegas gambler doubling down on his bets when he loses. That equation ends in bankruptcy.

Standing between this misguided but dedicated band of extremists is just one thing – the Republican Party – the party of normal – the Party of reality, reason, responsibility and right – the Party than stands for America’s traditional success equation.

There is one reason Republicans need to be united and you need to join us – without those two ingredients, America’s Castro wannabees are going to win…

Why be a Republican?

Because we get The American Success Equation – Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Prosperity.

We don’t pretend that skipping ingredients will produce the same results.

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