From the Chair – A note of thanks is due to everyone who came together for last evening’s Lincoln-Reagan event. From start to finish – thanks to a lot of helping hands – we were able to live up to our mission of making it a “fun, fast, and faith-based” event. If there was a landing word at the end, it would be this one – GRATITUDE…

  1. Gratitude for all those who came and helped make it a special evening!
  2. Gratitude for Lt. Governor Dan Forest, Congressmen McHenry and Meadows, Justice Barbara Jackson, Senator Chuck Edwards, Chad Connelly, and Rev. Mark Creech for their – without exception – excellent presentations!
  3. Gratitude for the Renaissance Hotel and Ballroom staff for crafting the opportunity to be the first event in their newly renovated facility – and for the super food, service and ambiance that made it even more special!
  4. Gratitude for the event committee chaired by Lisa Baldwin and handily manned by Linda Humphries, Angela Phillips, Patsy Gardin, Don Yelton, and Nancy Nesbitt. And many thanks to Anita Rogers, Melody Koebernick and Julie Hart for handily welcoming our guests!
  5. Gratitude for the American Success Equation Committee chaired by Andrew Brooks and the winner Caleb Burnette for his excellent submission and presentation!
  6. Gratitude for Michelle Bretz, Jeff Foster and American Legion Post 143 members Ray West, David McQueen, Jim Babcock, Charlie McCullough, Ernie Panther, and Martha Brindle for carrying us through the Pledge, National Anthem and Presentation of Colors!
  7. Gratitude for all of the dignitaries we were able to recognize and honor!
  8. Gratitude for Platinum contributors Senator Chuck and Teresa Edwards and David and Terri Luck!
  9. Gratitude for Gold contributors Laura Laye, Clint & Glenda Weinert, Rep. Joshua Dobson, Bill Lack and Chad and Nancy Nesbitt!
  10. Gratitude for Silver contributors Sam Michael, Robin Ramsey, Albert Sneed, Lisa Baldwin, Linda Fitzhugh, Patsy Gardin, Hon. Larry Harris, Paul Yeager, Shad Higgins, Linda & George Humphries, Loyd Kirk and Michael LaPaglia!
  11. Gratitude for the special contributions of David and Katrina Morgan of the Tribune Papers, John North, Stephen Keull, and Jeff Foster!
  12. Gratitude for the behind-the-scenes generosity and extra consideration by Bill Lack, Eddie Harwood and Chad Nesbitt!
  13. Gratitude for Sylvia Arrowood’s spontaneous stand-in voice in leading us all in God Bless America!
  14. Gratitude for a host of unknown words of support; helpful touches; kind considerations; and prayers of support that happened but perhaps went unnoticed in the busy mix!

There are 3 primary reasons for the Lincoln-Reagan event: (1) Bring us together in celebratory fashion (2) Highlight our elected officials and candidates and (3) Raise funds for the Party. We can check all three boxes.

You may remember that last year’s new leadership team crafted a “Spring BCGOP Gala” from start to finish 6 weeks after taking office and raised $2,000+ above and beyond expenses. Last evening’s event is going to add somewhere in the neighborhood of $6,500. Those are all hard earned dollars we will work equally hard to put to good use!

In close, a note of thanks is due to all of those who helped us overcome the hurdles. As has happened time and time again, it’s not the obstacles or obstructors that matter, it’s the persistent march toward solutions, solidarity, and success. Thanks to a host of good people – we did it together once again – with gratitude…



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