NC-10 does a great convention!

From the chair – Saturday’s 10th District Convention was a winner from start to finish. Under the leadership of Chairman Brad Overcash (building on the good works of his predecessor Ted Alexander), the meeting was pleasant, efficient, and interesting for all.

There were several highlights you might appreciate-

1) Our 10th District Congressman brought his children and one took the podium. Precious…

2) Per a well-written submitted resolution, we had a spirited and positive discussion on the merits and pauses on closing Republican primaries to registered Republicans. The “nays” won the final vote by a hair…

3) We heard from Justice Barbara Jackson and Court of Appeal Judges Chuck Kitchen, Drew Heath and Jefferson Griffin – to a person they were clear on one very important point – “We don’t make the law from our side of the bench – our opposition is universally dedicated to such.”

4) We learned that thanks to the Republican majority, NC now has what is essentially a Flat Tax – strong on fairness – if the left recaptures control, they roll back tax reform successes.

5) And then there were a bunch of one-liners you may be able to put to good use!

  • The left is seductive while the right is productive!
  • A vote for Republican judges is a vote against judicial ruthlessness by the left.
  • We do – they talk.
  • We do substance – they do image.
  • Why vote Republican? How about a standard deduction increase from $8,000 to $20,000 and a balanced budget too!
  • Don’t fear the “Blue Wave” – it’s more about the “Blue Noise”
  • They can’t win with ballots so they attempt to win with bombast and the bench.
  • Government doesn’t give us our rights – it’s greatest temptation is toward taking them away.
  • The future is not in the hands of the loud or the timid – it’s in the hands of the brave and the active – per Patrick Henry.

Thanks is due to Chairman Brad Overcash and all the good folks who brought us together in productive fashion.


The 10th District Convention once again affirmed why we are Republicans.
We get the American Success Equation
And we don’t pretend that leaving out ingredients will produce the same results…


The Four Points of the Buncombe GOP Compass!

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