From the Chair – The young lady on the left is Julie Hart. She’s the President/Chair of the UNC-A College Republicans. She’s special and – along with her fellow student Republicans at UNC-A – has done something extra special. Buncombe Republicans need to know about what.

In a college environment where conservative faculty and student are about as rare as fossilized dinosaur eggs, this good group has been selected by the university community as the “Student Organization of the Year.”

Description: This award will be given to the official university student organization that has contributed the most to the growth and development of the University community. Organizations under consideration for this award have yielded successful results in membership participation, event planning and implementation, and/or educating the student body on important or timely issues.

To quote Julie, “We are blown away the university community nominated us and then awarded it to us. We could not accomplish the above and our club mission statement without the wonderful support and guidance from the BCGOP.”

We’ve got to say we’re very proud of every one of you. Simply exceptional…


The best way to constrain weeds is to grow good grass…

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