From the chair – Asheville’s police officers have been taking a beating lately. City leaders, administrators and community activists are echoing a common message – our police department is broken and they’re going to fix it even if they have to destroy it. The reality that you can’t make something better by blowing it up seems to have been lost in the rush toward assumption and condemnation. Time will reveal the holes in this ill-advised strategy.

In the interim, we wanted to bring something to your attention. This week is National Police Week. It’s a time across the country where those of us who appreciate our law enforcement officers step up to say thanks. And if there is any group of officers who need and deserve a little wind under their wings, it’s Asheville’s police officers.

These men and women are surrounded by craziness. They’ve got politicized administrators on one side – opportunistic politicians on another. Then comes the social activists whose idea of social improvement is to discard the rule of law for the rule of personalities. How about that slow, inefficient and ineffective court system that some of us fondly call our community’s ‘Portal to Hell?’ Our APD officers are simply surrounded in stress and you’ll note that we haven’t even mentioned the other folks they face – criminals.

Asheville’s City Council has a meeting tomorrow night (May 15, 2018). We checked to see if their might be some sort of proclamation or resolution recognizing what is a pretty big week for police officers. There was nothing there – and when we checked the minutes from recent meetings, there was nothing there either. They either chose to ignore this event or missed it. It matters either way. Here’s the opening agenda for tomorrow’s meeting-

City Council Meeting Agenda – Regular Meeting – May 15, 2018 – 5:00 p.m. – City Hall

The following has been set as the tentative agenda for the May 15, 2018, regular meeting of the
City Council. Information regarding City employees is governed by N.C. Gen. Stat. sec. 160A-168 – 
Council does not consider personnel matters in open session. At the conclusion of this agenda 
the meeting will be open for the presentation of other matters by members of Council and the 
public. Public comment will not be taken on items as to which no Council action will be taken 
at this meeting, including those items listed as reports or presentations or as discussion items. 
When Council action is anticipated as to any matter, it will be placed on a Council agenda 
for consideration, and public comment will be taken at that time.

Pledge of Allegiance

-      May 21-27, 2018, as "National Public Works Week"
-      May, 2018, as "Building Safety Month"
-      May, 2018, as "Tick-Borne Disease Awareness Month"
-      June 1, 2018, as "National Gun Violence Awareness Day"

Thank goodness they are on top of the tick thing. Mind if we suggest that failing to recognize our officers on this week of all weeks is sort of like forgetting mom on Mother’s Day?

We haven’t forgotten. Right below is a copy of our new “We Love First Responders” bumper sticker. It’s an easy on – easy off 4 inch sticker that says it all in a quiet and simple manner.

Would you like one? Just send us a stamped and self-addressed envelope to BCGOP – One Oak Plaza – Suite 309 – Asheville, NC 28801.

We’ll send you as many as you can put to good use. We’re betting that like us, you’re more into recognizing the good that police officers do than highlighting the bad that ticks do.



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