North Carolina is blessed with one of the best conservative think tanks in the country – the John Locke Foundation. If you don’t know them, please click this link and check them out. If you’re a good conservative thinker, they will make you a better conservative thinker.

One of the many products of the John Locke Foundation is their monthly publication the Carolina Journal. This is a first rate resource on matters of governance relevant to NC and more. They use the best of the best in our state and across the nation. The Journal comes in a package built on conservative realism, facts and deeper truths that puts most mainstream media outlets to shame. Try it once and you’ll be hooked on this concise, compact and competent “news you can use” resource.

Want an example? Here’s one of their recent articles on the much anticipated replacement of Paul Ryan as speaker of the house. We’re sharing this because it offers specific commentary on our 10th (Patrick McHenry) and 11th (Mark Meadows) Congressman and their potential part in this important leadership transition.

CAROLINA JOURNAL – Vol. 27 . May 2018


McCarthy poised to be the next House speaker


Now that Speaker Paul Ryan has decided to “call it a day” as Speaker, it is becoming increasingly clear that Majority Leader clear Kevin McCarthy has clear sailing to replace him.

Ryan — never a favorite among conservatives — came under fire for supporting the recent $1.2 trillion omnibus bill that drove up the national debt, busted the budget caps, failed to defund Sanctuary Cities and Planned Parenthood, and that denied the $25 billion that President Donald Trump requested for the border wall.

Never trusted by many in the Freedom Caucus, Ryan broke his promise to conservatives when he failed to put House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte’s border security bill on the floor of the House for a vote.

On the plus side, Ryan helped to sheppard through the tax cuts and to find badly needed dollars for the defense of the nation.

Some political prognosticators question the timing of Speaker Ryan’s announcement — suggesting that he is “throwing in the towel” because he believes that GOP in all likelihood will lose the House in the midterm elections. The timing is unusual, as most Speakers wait until the end of their term to announce they are stepping down. Although Ryan has signaled that he won’t run for congress again, he doesn’t intend to relinquish the Speaker’s gavel until January of 2019.

Ryan’s announcement paved the way for Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a prolific fundraiser with many IOU’S inside the GOP caucus, who has quietly worked to build a network within the party. McCarthy is a favorite of President Trump and it seems a natural fit.

McCarthy has been endorsed by Speaker Ryan and his only major potential contender, Majority Whip Steve Scalise, recently endorsed McCarthy for Speaker as well, clearing the field for him.

Scalise was propelled into the national spotlight when he was shot and severely wounded last year at a soft ball practice with Republicans preparing for their annual game with the House Democrats. Scalise is a skilled vote counter and greatly respected by the president and conservatives. Before becoming the Whip, Scalise was in charge of the powerful Republican Study committee — the largest faction of conservatives in the GOP Caucus.

If all goes as some hope, Scalise would move up in the ranks and become majority leader.

Not often mentioned, but waiting in the wings to fill Scalise’s shoes, is Majority Whip Patrick McHenry — who currently is Rep. Sclaise’s Chief Deputy Whip. McHenry is smart, loyal, very competent, and he lives and breathes politics.

Also in the game and potential king maker is Freedom Caucus Chairman Meadows. Mark is politically astute, very close to the president and in sync with Trump’s blue collar base. And as Chairman of the Freedom Caucus, he has the ability to control a significant block of votes which could easily garner concessions from McCarthy — a seat at the table and perhaps a leadership post.

Much will ride on the outcome of the midterm elections.

If Republicans lose the House and find themselves in the minority, then in my view all bets are off. And there may well be a scramble for the top leadership posts.

A lot is riding on the midterms — not only republican control of congress but the future of President Trump’s agenda.

We’re lucky to have these guys representing us…


Republicans – working to preserve a timeless model of governance

that has uplifted more people than any other in history…


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