Tomorrow’s a special day. It’s the day we take extra steps to honor the gender who – in more ways than one – civilizes our world.

We considered several positive messages that would highlight our appreciation of mothers. Instead – with your patience – we thought we would err toward realism.

For 45 years our country has embraced a social policy that has been egregiously antagonistic toward everything motherhood is about. We believe the impact of our unrestrained abortion enthusiasm has been deep and culturally cancerous.

We believe it is wrong to pretend and teach others that ending a life is a comparatively simple matter of choice, convenience and curettage.

Honor mothers? Certainly. We offer this declarative statement with just that in mind –


Abortions in America?

60 million and counting…

That’s a problem – not a solution.



“Motherhood: All love begins and end there.” Robert Browning


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