From the chair – If by chance you find yourself eastbound on Patton Avenue near Sam’s Club, take a moment to glace to the left at the Lamar digital billboard. There you’ll find a timely message from the Buncombe Republican Party – WE LOVE FIRST RESPONDERS.

We do and the reasons are legion.

These are the folks who stand between us and a growing parade of potential harms – including criminals, medical emergencies, fires and dangerous highways. With rare exception these are men and women who step toward threats – not away – and rarely for their own betterment. In a world where a host of predators seek law-abiding citizens as prey, these are the skilled individuals who stand in their way as protectors.

We put that billboard up to make a bold public statement in support of our First Responders – You men and women matter.

There’s something you can do that will help them believe it. Make it a habit when you see one of these ladies or gentleman – whether in person or in a vehicle – to greet them with a wave, note of thanks or a smile.

Our First Responders on the local level are going through an especially hard time. The media, local government officials and community leaders are using the errors of a few to condemn and paralyze the many. Whether it’s pandering or hysteria, that form of leadership serves to divide our community and make things more dangerous – not less.

Your voice can help counter media bias, reactive social activism, and unscrupulous politicians. For those who choice a life devoted to public safety, your appreciation can provide a timely bit of extra wind under damaged wings.

There other reasons to appreciate our First Responders, but their crucial role in sustaining the Rule of Law over the Rule of Power, Personalities, or other influences is of key importance.

Rule of Lawnoun – the principle that all people and institutions are subject to and accountable to law that is fairly applied and enforced; the principle of government by law.

The rule of our society by law – like all things of man – is not perfect. But it is infinitely better than all its competitors.

Imagine for a moment if you – as a presumably good person – suddenly had the power to rule over America per your moods, personal preferences, emotions, impulses, and inspirations. No doubt some of your impact would be good – but could you really manage to contain your appetites, vanities and selfish interests over the long haul?

Though there are a host of voices on the left who believe they can, in truth none of us can. That’s why we have the rule of law – to contain the appetites of man. To draw on thinking and experience that has stood the test of time to form rules that are – in turn – implemented with fairness by the best of us to the betterment of all of us.

That’s the theory – that’s the goal – and as already stated, its not perfect, but it works better than anything else.

How do we know? Look at what’s happening in America today. Look at the double standards applied to conservatives over liberals. Look at the subjective way the the law has been used to avoid addressing Mrs. Clinton’s demonstrated illegalities and abused to attack our sitting President’s imagined ones. Here locally, look at the repeat vandalism of the Robert E. Lee Memorial aided and abetted by the demonstrated selective application of the law by our county’s District Attorney.

We live in a time where our Constitution and its dedication to the rule of law are under attack. There is only one party with a demonstrated willingness to challenge the orchestrated effort by the liberal-progressive-socialist movement to undo that inspirational document and its impairing powers over their unrelenting reach for power. We back up our position on our Party’s official platform-

NORTH CAROLINA REPUBLICAN PARTY PLATFORM – Section VIII. Justice – Paragraph 1. One of the main duties of government is to maintain law and order, while securing for its citizens the freedom to pursue the blessings of liberty and the fruits of their labor.

Republicans believe in the rule of law. That’s one of many solid reasons you should vote for Republicans, become a Republican and volunteer to help Republicans with our important mission – KEEPING AMERICA GREAT!

We can’t do that without the rule of law and we can’t sustain the rule of law without our First Responders. That’s why we added those two important words at the bottom of our billboard. It’s a tough time to be a First Responder. That means its an important time – a crucial time to…



“Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged.”

Ronald Reagan

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