From the chair – Per the official Asheville city blog, in July of 2016, 13 new police officers were sworn into service. This Friday, June 15, 2018, Senator Chuck Edwards filed a bill to create district elections in Asheville. These two events have more in common than may be apparent…


Asheville Police Department welcomes 13 new officers to the force

On July 15, the Asheville Police Department swore in 13 new officers. These recent Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) graduates will now move on to 16 weeks of field training, where they ride with a field training officer and gain firsthand experience in the field.

The new officers are: Justin Burns, Leigh Cordell, Steven Escobedo, Vincent Garretto, Joshua Gibson, Cody Lail, Justin Lewis, Michael Owenby, Jesse Pinkston, Michael Polk, Trey Ruble, Kermit Smith and Brandon Wilson.

Please join us in congratulating these men and women as they embark on their new careers!



Senator Edwards merits strong support from Asheville Republicans and our conservative partners in good governance. Why? Because his effort to bring diverse community representation to our city’s governing body is more important than ever.

In its current configuration, a super-organized centralized liberal-progressive-socialist voter block is able to dominate city elections. We are thus confined to a perpetual 7-0 governance reality that suffers the limitations of all one-minded entities – the lack of illumination, diversity of thought and objective oversight. Senator Edward’s bill provides a measured opportunity limit the smothering touch of the progressive voting block and allow each district the potential to secure its own brand of representation.

What does this have to do with our police officers? The current 7-0 city council recently passed three “progressive” resolutions in a manner that (1) Violated the city’s charter and guiding policies (2) Provided for no pre-event public scrutiny and comment and, most importantly, (3) assured that our police officers and the public are put into jeopardy by this broad overreach from policy body considerations to specific operational control.

That picture at the top makes the point. These young men and women are putting their lives on the line for us. They have families. Their safety matters too.

The operational controls proposed by the city will have draconian impacts on public safety. Ask any police officer in confidence – they fear for their jobs under the current climate of progressive politicization of our police force – and they will tell you – the city’s operation procedures will impair their ability to impair crime in our community. This at a time when we are losing a person a day to drug overdose and crime is on a dramatic upward trajectory.

We’ll be talking to you more about this overreach soon. In the mean time, please let Senator Edwards know you appreciate what he is trying to do. It takes courage to step toward the right thing with no support behind you. Just ask our city police officers – they know how it feels…

“If everyone is thinking the same then somebody isn’t thinking.”

General George Patton

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