Buncombe GOP raises concerns with Republican officials…

From the chair – A year or so ago, the Buncombe GOP Executive Committee passed a policy whereby we would extra-hard to support our Republican elected officials in public and respectfully raise concerns in private. We have been successful in this mission to the extent that no one offering a publicly critical voice has been operating in an official or supported capacity.

Why is this important? Because without exception our Republican reps in Buncombe County, North Carolina and DC reliably support our party’s stated platform and principles. Are they perfect – no? Are they light years beyond our Brand-X opposition – without question! Do the represent the only organized political movement capable of stopping the excesses of the left – absolutely!?!

So why are we writing you today? We wanted to share that we’ve had a couple of recent votes by five Republican elected officials that we felt merited a respectful flag – and that’s just what we did. The BCGOP has officially – per our policy (see below) raised our concern(s) directly or through their representative. The issues at hand – budgetary restraint, deficit spending and illegal immigration.

Will it make a difference – who knows? Our job is to help develop Republican candidates and support Republican elected officials and making sure the Buncombe GOP stands for something people can count on. Their sincerity to our party’s stated principles and platform rests in their good hands. When we feel that something important may have slipped through those good hands, we want to quietly raise the flag. We did so.

We’re on the job with Part 2 – respectfully raising our concerns in private. Please ask yourself if you are on the job with Part 1 – publicly supporting our Republican elected officials. If not, consider a letter to the editor. Remember, our Republican elected officials are operating in a horrifically critical and biased environment. It is not nearly good enough to stand in criticism without an equal or stronger investment in positive support.

Want to know who we talked with and what it was about? Just call the chair at 252-8390 for a private discussion. Then – remembering we get no better representation than we earn – go write that letter…



BCGOP Elected Officials ‘P-4’ Support Policy

Promises, Principles & Platform – Positively!


The Buncombe County Republican Party recognizes the importance of encouraging, supporting and promoting our elected officials and candidates. We understand these men and women are our frontline defense against the extravagance, control and immorality of the left. To put action to words, the BCGOP has identified the following steps to strengthen our relationship with our elected officials.

Our focus –

  • We seek to proactively, publicly and positively stand behind our officials and candidates at the local, state and national level.
  • The real enemy to the traditional American success equation is infinitely more likely to have a (D) after their name than an (R).
  • No elected official will achieve an idealized level of performance perfection.
  • It is more possible to motivate others from a relationship grounded in concern and communication over censure and criticism.
  • It is in our NC Party’s Principles (http://buncombegop.org/what-we-believe/) and Platform (http://NC.gop/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/2017-NCGOP-Platform.pdf) that we find our direction and common ground…

Our support process—

  • Step One – We seek to learn more about our Republican elected officials’ votes and communications in order to be better informed and otherwise support their governing actions.
  • Step Two – We practice the 3-1 rule – making sure that our support is consistently evidenced at a greater ratio than our constructive criticism.
  • Step Three – We work to keep a keen eye on our Party’s Principles & Platform – our compass – as a conscious and consistent source of direction and unity.
  • Step Four – When concerns arise that an elected official’s actions may be diverging from our unifying compass and/or candidate campaign promises, the Chair, working in conjunction with other members of the Executive Committee, will raise our concerns privately and respectfully – in person, by phone, in writing or otherwise as the official requests. Individuals remain free to unofficially communicate in the manner their conscience and good judgment supports.

The ultimate intent of this initiative is 3-fold—

  • To stand by our REPUBLICANS in the face of overwhelming media/liberal attacks.
  • To impair the temptations that divide us as we embrace methods that bring us TOGETHER.
  • To free our collective energy for the real mission– confronting the left (Brand-X).

Thank you for your important part in helping us strengthen this effort!


Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save




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