From the chair – At the most recent ‘busy as heck’ Buncombe Republican Executive Committee meeting, we had a number of sample large banners/signs. Our mission is to place these and lots more all over Buncombe County – a charge our Precinct Chairs have agreed to embrace.

At this meeting, Jim Meadows – spouse of our Treasurer – took a fondness for one of the sample banners and ask if he could put it to use. Boy – did he. The picture above represents Jim’s handiwork. Not only that but two people have asked him to get them signs for their pick-up.

Jim’s great idea got us to thinking – why not have our version of a BCGOP TAILGATE PARTY by putting a bunch of these signs on a bunch of conservative minded folk’s pick-ups? We’re going to do it and we the first shipment of 2×6 banners is on the way as we speak!

If you have a friend who would like to join our TAILGATE PARTY, just get in touch and we will make this (or another banner of their choice) available for free.

We’re working hard to impair the liberal-progressive take-over of Buncombe County. This is a great way for quiet conservatives to help!

Thanks Jim!!!


Here’s one of our other many options…



Most conservatives are quiet – that’s because normal isn’t noisy…

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