From the chair – Thanks is due to the extra-mile support our First Responders recently received from Buncombe Republican volunteers. These are the contributors who supported our $1,500 digital billboard for the entire month of May. We’re proud of the message and the good folks who supported bringing this effort to action. We’re especially proud to belong to a political movement that consistently supports our police, deputies, troopers, firefighters, emergency medical service providers, and others who dedicate themselves to public safety. They deserve it – and we get it!


Stand Strong Supporters-


Bob Penland, Bill Lack, Dorothea Alderfer, Chuck and Maryann Durand, Robin Ramsey, Don Yelton, Laura McCue, John and Julia Conlan, Fremont Brown, Gloria Michael, Jerry Vehaun, Bruce and Sylvia Arrowood, Robert Pressley, Joe Belcher, Sid Johnson, Kyle Carver, James Pittman, Maria Bernier, and Rick Bagley.


We’re grateful…


*Would you like to help more? How about helping us find places to install one of these (or other) BCGOP 2×6′ signs in your yard or business location? Just let us know if you would like to get out this message. We’ll pay for the banner, come out to you and install it. All you need to do is find that just right spot of grass!


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