That guy on the right above is Fremont Brown. He’s a Buncombe County Republican Party volunteer. He’s also been one of the first to step up and help Republican candidates with a wonderful place to plant a campaign sign.

Per Fremont’s great hand, this one went up last night on his Brevard Road property. It’s a double sided presentation that gives a great angle of view to both lanes of traffic.

The banners in hand comes from NC District 116 candidate Marilyn Brown’s campaign. They are on the job and on the move to win that seat for Republicans, disenfranchised Democrats, wandering independents, conservative thinkers and our other partners in good governance. She’s the real deal and she can do it!

Many thanks to Fremont for stepping up. We’re grateful!

Want to duplicate his model? Let us know about your good location and we’ll do the rest!


“The best way to appreciate our political process is to volunteer for a campaign

and support a candidate you believe in.”

Rob McKenna


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