Hickory NC-GOP Convention!

A well attended, constructive, engaging, informative and unifying event!


From the chair – Many thanks to the 22 BCGOP volunteers who attended this week-end’s state convention! Feedback from the participants was positive – and one thing was clear above all else – we have more and more Buncombe Republicans looking for ways to come together. Grateful!

Kudos are due to our friends in Raleigh who organized the event. It was well managed and efficient – and the setting was user friendly and comfortable. Accessibility was first-rate and the food deserved a solid B in a world where big events easily drift toward a C. (;

There were many special moments in the event but for some of us the highlight came during the Saturday luncheon presentation by former Trump campaign manager COREY LEWANDOWSKI. Candid, clear and concise, Mr. Lewandowski brought his fact-jammed personal insight into the room with a bang that did not disappoint.

The take-a-way point that took 1st Prize was one that has been said by others, but this was from a man who had a front-row seat to helping elect our current President. Mr. Lewandowski made a specific reference to the fact President Trump understood the important role that WNC had had in his election. More specifically, (not to take anything away from our sister NC Districts) he recognized that without the 11th District, he would not be President. That was a sobering thought – and cause for celebration and recognition for those who carried the ball during that crucial time.

Many thanks to Robin Ramsey for securing us a great front-row vantage spot! Many thanks to NCGOP staff for keeping things moving. Many thanks to our speakers for keeping things interesting! Many thanks to our BCGOP volunteers for keeping things fun!

Speaking of which, this final picture captures part of our group during a tedious procedural moment. Bob Penland took advantage of the pause to adjust his glasses. (;

Grateful to all who attended!



“Where there is unity there is always victory.” Publilius Syrus

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