From the chair – The Buncombe Republican Party is an all-volunteer movement. We have no staff – no paid employees. Everything that’s done is accomplished with the ready assistance of those who contribute their time, energy, resources, faith and hand. Recently the faces and names of some of our long-standing Republican volunteers have been brought to our attention. Some of these good folks are facing health or other personal hurdles that merit our support and consideration. If you recognize one of these Republican stalwarts as a friend, colleague or valued contributor, please let them know they remain in your heart, mind and prayers. Ask them if there are ways we can help. Or just say thank you…

Beryl Windsor – Louise Weber – Bill Whitehead – Bill Porter – Kathy Rhodarmer – Patsy Gardin – Don Yelton – Betty Budd – Gail Harding – Stephanie VanSlambrouck – Eric Gorney

(Please let us know if we have overlooked anyone)


“Life is an exciting business, and most exciting when it is lived for others.” Helen Keller

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