Asheville C-T continues liberal-progressive bias…

From the chair – Yesterday we shared an article raising the question about our local daily paper’s pattern of liberal advocacy and conservative antagonism. You can read their article on a Christian pro-life crisis pregnancy center here and note the paper’s use of a chorus of critical sources in an attempt to shadow this organization’s faith-based agenda.

Today – one day later – they have repeated their effort with a different target – district elections for Asheville. You can find that article link here.

This latest assault by Asheville’s liberal-progressive marketing agency (The C-T) begins with the headline – “Council Districts Split Black Precincts.” The on-line version ads a little more spice – “New Asheville districts are racial gerrymandering, black council members say.”

We’ll keep our push-back on the C-T’s on-going missteps brief. The pattern is simple as 1,2,3…

  1. The persisting use of inflammatory, derisive and divisive language in articles addressing conservative actions. Take this article for example – here’s a quick list of this misuse of language to subtly or otherwise support their bias: split, gerrymandering, strikingly, imposing, surgically, dilute, contentious, beating, shrinking, struggling, force, carve, pitted, against, harder, undemocratic, wiped-out, scandalous, beheaded, contentious, disdain, and voiceless. Hate speech? (;
  2. The equally persistent citation of liberal information sources at a 4 or 5 to 1 ratio over conservative sources. This article repeats that process. Senator Edwards stands alone as a conservative voice while the article quotes two liberal-progressive council members and relies on the professional take of two consultants with widely demonstrable but unacknowledged liberal-progressive credentials.
  3. The patterned vilification of conservative politicians, principles and agendas with a converse endorsement for liberal politicians, principles and agendas.  Take the Buncombe GOP LBGT-test for confirmation. Go to the C-T website and do a search on these words – Conservative, Liberal, Republican, Democrat, GOP and Progressive. Note the headlines that turn up and read a sampling. What you’ll find is the vast number of articles track left and are invariably positive and those few articles tracking right are invariably negative. The headline and content bias is “startling.”

In truth, no racial demographics were used in any form to develop the districts. The Republican majority in the General Assembly is quiet simply trying to do one thing – increase the chances that the long-standing 7-0 liberal-progressive-socialist lock on our city’s governing body is challenged with potential for diverse community and value representation.

Everyone who thinks perpetual 7-0 is a good thing, please raise your hand. Everyone who thinks our local daily’s bias is no big deal, please hang your head. Biased media smothers truth. Without truth, nothing is safe…

“If everybody is thinking the same – somebody isn’t thinking.” George Patton

3 thoughts on “Asheville C-T continues liberal-progressive bias…”

  1. Pointing out the bias in C T probably won’t change the newspaper. However, it’s the right thing to do! I’m glad I’m not the only one who is sick of all the negative rhetoric and untruths being purported about conservatives. Shine the light!

    1. Thank you Mrs. Presnell. As you suggest, we are not in charge of their script – but we are in charge of ours and thus compelled to do one thing we can do – turn on the lights. This pattern of unethical journalism by our local daily is unbecoming, harmful and way outside of any reasoned fairness equation. It merits this challenge and then some. Again, many thanks.

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