Asheville’s daily paper is shamelessly biased…

Local Christian Pregnancy Center Predictably Targeted

From the chair – There’s a ton of wisdom in the quote, “Never attack someone who buys ink by the barrel.” In terms of uncomfortable potentials, it’s a kissing cousin to the suggestion one not bring a knife to a gun fight. Fortunately, as Republicans less concerned with our reputation than truth, we’re in a position to point out that Asheville’s print Emperor has no clothes.

How so? Our local daily has a demonstrable super-bias toward the left, and per the liberal-progressive-socialist movement’s mirrored political dominance, we assume that bias is mercenary. As measured by declining staff, circulation and page numbers, Dr. Phil would ask, “How well’s that working out for you?”

Conservatives should not celebrate the progressive undoing of our daily print news source. Periodic papers, television, web sites, apps and social media serve an important role in keeping us informed – but none of these sources can duplicated the investigative powers of an unbiased daily. Big problems need big reach – lose that and we turn-off a source of light without which our Republic cannot survive.

It will come as no surprise that the Citizen-times invests little in investigative efforts. When they do it’s either to play catch up on a problem they missed – think Buncombe County’s administrator abuses – advocate for a liberal cause, or to attack one conservative group, politician, agenda or another.

Case in point, the July 1st front-page article, ‘A look at WNC crisis pregnancy center’ – a story about Mountain Area Pregnancy Services. With only a few lapses into mockery, the reporter did a solid job of bringing the faith-directed staff, mission and beneficiaries to life. Predictably, this center’s effort to work on behalf of children otherwise destined to join the fate of the 60 million children we’ve previously aborted in America was battered by relentless criticism. There were no less than five external sources variously applied to the mission of maligning the agency’s credentials, credibility and care. Here’s a link to this latest effort in journalistic assault on the right.

Our question would be why go after this group at this time in this way? There are no flags, no suggestions of impropriety or financial misdealing like those echoing unnoticed for so long in the halls of county governance.

Can you recall a similar article detailing the workings of an abortion clinic? If so, in your wildest dreams can you imagine a reporter chasing down five sources antagonistic to the workings of that clinic?

In truth, this article was prompted by the fact that one faith-based group trying to save lives is now receiving state funds while another – yes Myrtle, liberalism is a religion – trying to end lives has lost it. That equation angers the left and our community’s daily paper can be depended on to cheer-lead their sentiments. We think this article was wrong-minded not so much because of its content, but because it demonstrates a pattern of liberal preferential treatment and conservative antagonism coming out of advocacy journalism over ethical journalism.

Ethical journalism can be reduced to five dedications – Truth and Accuracy; Independence; Fairness and Impartiality; Humanity; and Accountability. Advocacy journalism skips independence, fairness and impartiality. Sorry guys, four out of seven isn’t good enough – and that’s where advocacy journalism lands.

Spoiler alert – Here’s a link to a previous BCGOP story on this subject- You may find it of interest.

Can we back up our claim of our daily’s liberal bias? Absolutely.

Let’s start with our version of LBGT – the Liberal Bias Google Test. Go to the C-T website and do a search on these words – Conservative, Liberal, Republican, Democrat, GOP and Progressive. Note the headlines that turn up and read a sampling. What you’ll find is the vast number of articles track left and are invariably positive and those few articles tracking right are invariably negative. Try it, you’ll be amazed by the headline and content bias. It’s right there for everyone to see.

Further bias confirmation comes in the form of sources. Pick any C-T news article and count the cited liberal versus conservative sources. The ratio is predictably 4 or 5 to 1 – consistently. Frequently, there isn’t even a 1. That’s a scary level of bias.

Though Asheville likes to think of itself as a haven of diversity, those credentials are betrayed by an apparent fear of diversity of thought. You find that dangerous resistance in our city’s 7-0 liberal council super-majority; our unabashedly liberally biased city school system; and, yes, in a daily paper that has dissolved into the chief marketing agent for our city’s liberals.

There is great irony in the fact that amidst Asheville’s overwhelming tide of liberal conformity – Republicans, conservatives and our big tent partners in good governance are today’s non-conformists.

That’s because most of us get something the people who own, manage and operate our daily paper apparently don’t – conformity invariably seeks dominance at the expense of truth. When we lose our grip on truth, we risk losing everything.

That’s why, in this case, we’re not being so quiet on an Asheville enterprise that buys ink by the barrel…

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