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This article appeared in the Las Vegas Review Journal, written by Wayne Allyn Root, who explains the importance of walls, the 2nd amendment and voter ID in a very understandable way….


Please ignore the advertising slogan “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”  It’s not true.  Las Vegas is the crossroads of America. What happens here is happening everywhere. And I’ve uncovered the biggest liberal scam in America going on right here in Vegas.

It revolves around my home community in Henderson.  I live in Anthem Country Club.

There are about 1500 beautiful homes behind the gates at Anthem. What’s the appeal of Anthem Country Club? It’s got a big beautiful wall around it.  And thick iron gates in front, protected by armed guards.

There is virtually no crime inside walled, gated, armed Anthem. I’ve lived here for almost 17 years.  My kids grew up here.
They played outside every day from morning till night and I never worried for one moment. Because of the wall, the gates and the armed guards, my kids were as safe as if they lived in “Mayberry R.F.D.”  Life is good behind the gates of Anthem.
In the rest of Las Vegas … not so much,  In the rest of Vegas … lots of crime and fear.

This proves walls, gates and armed guards are good if you want your family to be safe. But wait.  Anthem recently added a new feature to keep our residents safe. Drivers entering our gates must show a government-issued photo ID.  Anyone entering our community — guests, gardeners, maids, nannies, pool cleaners, handymen, plumbers, electricians, delivery personnel — must provide state or federal government issued photo ID or they will be denied entry. Every single one of them.

There are many lessons we can learn from studying Anthem.  If you want your family and children to be safe, build a wall
Preferably a wall that is also surrounded by armed guards.  The Vatican understands this lesson. Mexico understands — it has a wall on it’s southern border.  Many rich Liberals in America who live in gated communities — or gated private estates or buildings with doormen — understand this lesson, too.

They just don’t want you to have a wall. They think their children are more important than yours.They clearly think you are stupid, as they argue walls and guns are not necessary. Liberal Democrats are hypocrites in this and many other ways .
Guess who lives inside the walls of Anthem Country Club?  Harry Reid.  You know, former U.S. Senator and majority leader in the Senate.

The former water carrier for President Obama, who spent his entire Senate career fighting viciously against a wall.
Harry argued walls were terrible and unnecessary.  Harry could have retired anywhere in Vegas — or anywhere in America, for that matter.

But he chose to live behind the walls — and gates — and armed guards of Anthem Country Club.

Harry is my neighbor.  Welcome to the neighborhood.  But, Harry, don’t Liberals hate walls and gates and armed guards and photo ID? Don’t Liberals call those racist?  Yet here sits Harry Reid and the entire Reid clan, interesting!

The argument against voter ID is a scam.

How do all those gardeners and maids and pool cleaners and handymen drive through the gates of Anthem every day?
The answer: They already have government-issued photo IDs. So I guess it’s a lie when Liberal politicians claim minorities don’t have photo IDs, or they’re too difficult for them to get or it’s “ racist” to ask them for it. I guess they all already have it.  I guess they are thrilled to show it to earn a paycheck. Just not to vote.  That would be “racist.”

I guess we just proved the liberal argument is a scam. Voter ID is the easiest and simplest request in the world. Heck, they have it in Mexico. You can’t vote in Mexico without a government issued ID card- complete with photo and bio-metric thumbprint.

Voter ID is the simplest request in the world – if you really wanted to stop “foreign interference” in US elections. But Voter ID is a big issue for Democrats because they want and need election fraud. They can’t win without it.  They want their voters to vote multiple times, with no questions asked. They want illegals to be able to vote by the millions for Democrats. Asking for government-issued ID and checking for legal citizenship would ruin all that.

Folks, we’re being scammed.  Anthem Country Club is the proof. We need a wall.  And we need Voter ID. Everyone knows it – even Harry Reid and his liberal friends. All the proof we need of this scam is right here in the suburbs of Las Vegas.

What happens here is happening everywhere!!!


I reject the 2nd Amendment, border walls, vote ID and police – because I’m safe. How about you?

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