From the chair –The Buncombe Republican Party is working hard to work together. More and more of us are getting the reality that in a dark local and national political climate, unity is crucial.

We also get that unity doesn’t require uniformity. Free, independent, unique and even eccentric spirits are welcome in the BCGOP – but we need everyone to bring their best. Best means those skills, efforts and contributions that help our local party be effective and productive. Some of those skills sets take work – forgiveness, patience, maturity, cooperation, creativity and compassion are not usually natural talents. These are skills, and like all skills, require practice.

This week I received an note from our secretary – Linda Humphries – highlighting one of her days and observations of Republican volunteers practicing their best. Their evident effort, example and contribution are worth noting and sharing – with gratitude-

Chairman Mumpower,

I just wanted to let you know I had the pleasure of dropping by Team 5 – South Asheville’s District Meeting this evening. The meeting was held at Scott Skjoldager’s home, brownies included!

The following were in attendance:  Ken Hawkins- Team 5 Director; Scott Skjoldager- 18.2 Precinct Chair; Pat Hair- 29.2 Precinct Chair; Betty Budd- 54.2 Precinct Chair; Laura McCue- 55.1 Precinct Chair; Laura Bowen- 57.1 Precinct Chair; Aaron Ollis- South end Republican Volunteer; Janet Burhoe-Jones- Volunteer for House Candidate Marilyn Brown

Team Director, Ken Hawkins has been communicating with his Precinct Chairs regarding their recommendations for Party Officials in their Precincts. All of the Precinct Chairs in attendance had completed their recommendations for election Officials. They are signed and filed.

After collecting the forms, I had the pleasure of listening to these wonderful, energetic, actively involved Republicans plan their “Candidate Meet & Greet” scheduled for September 1 at Lake Julian.This kind of grassroots effort is getting us where we need to be! 

The North End – Team 7 had their District meeting a couple of weeks ago and they too have almost completed their Election Official Recommendations. They have scheduled their “Candidate Meet & Greet” for August 15th At Lake Louise. Good folks, working hard.

I also had the pleasure of meeting with Bob Penland today. As acting Team Director of Team 9 – Hominy Valley, he was so willing and knowledgeable in regards to the need to get election official’s working inside the polls on election day. He and his team are planning their “Candidate Meet & Greet” for August 25th on the West End at the Buncombe County Sports Park. Bob will be working with his Precinct folks to get election official recommendations in place within the next week.

Gloria Michael, Team Director of Team 6 – East Buncombe and I also met today. She and her Precinct Chairs are busy working on their recommendations for Election Officials and their “Candidate Meet & Greet” scheduled for September 29th at Lake Tomahawk in Blk. Mtn.

I will continue to collect and file these all important Election Official Recommendation forms for your signature. A Great Day with Great Republicans! 


We have our opposition – it’s not us. We are increasingly united in understanding the Republican Party is the only organized political movement capable of challenging, impairing and halting the excesses of Brand-X. This note offered a good example of Buncombe Republicans pulling together toward that good end. Impressive!


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