From the chair – It’s been thirty-years or so since Christian psychiatrist Scott Peck (of The Road Less Traveled fame) published his startling treatise, People of the Lie.

Watching Peter Strzok’s congressional testimony yesterday was a stark reminder of how right Dr. Peck was.

About what? Well, it was his suggestion that the America of that time was busy building a generation of liars in business, government, industry, finance, religion and education that would one day take the heart out of our country. We are there.

Watching Agent Strzok was a front-row seat to the perfection of a “person of the lie.” His arrogance; anger; assumed victim status, denial, evasion, displacement and other deception tools were dramatically on display for all to see.

Yes, we all have moments of insincerity – that doesn’t make you a “person of the lie” unless you surrender to that temptation. We are witnesses to a time in our culture where an amazing number of people are doing just that.

Why is this important? Because Dr. Peck was unfortunately right – people of the lie have become so common that everyday people are beginning to believe that Strzok-like behavior is normal.

It’s not – and the only way to counter “People of the Lie” influence is to make sure you and I don’t join them.



“The more honest one is, the easier it is to continue being honest,

just as the more lies one has told, the more necessary it is to lie again.” ~ Scott Peck

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