Each summer our 10th District representative in DC comes to Asheville and holds a Town Hall meeting. Each summer he experiences the full brunt of a targeted effort to make the experience as unpleasant, antagonistic and non-productive as possible.

He needs our help! We need Buncombe’s Republicans to join the event and help counter the 25 to 1 ratio he typically faces in Asheville’s Town Hall.

You may remember our Republican fans from last year. We’ll have them this year along with our volunteer buttons and other ways to identify ourselves as conservatives and Republicans supporting our elected Republican representative. His courage him coming each year regardless of the intentional antagonism merits support.

Here’s the details. Please make an effort to come!


-from the office of Congressman Patrick McHenry-

Town Hall

Wednesday, August 1st – 10:00am

Riceville Volunteer Fire Department 2251 – Riceville Road Asheville, NC 28805
Come hear Congressman McHenry give an update on important legislation currently before Congress and issues facing Buncombe County and the Tenth Congressional District.
For more information, call toll free:  800.477.2576



Please share this with your conservative friends – let’s not surrender the floor to Brand-X!

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