Many thanks to Republican volunteer Tiph Worley for this good feedback from this Saturday’s RNC Training. There’s some good stuff in her great summary!


The July 21st Republican National Committee NC Campaign Training session under Robert Andrews’s great touch was a big success with most all local and state candidates participating.  The Buncombe County Republican Women’s Club – under the leadership of Lisa Baldwin – deserves kudos for bringing this to us so beautifully. Special credit is due Dorothea Alderfer who pulled off the organizational details without a hitch!

This new training series provided by the RNC grew out of the 2012 election year autopsy. As a result, the central Republican field organization staff is changing its relation to volunteer resources from  STAFF centric leadership to VOLUNTEER focused through DELEGATION.

The three models of leadership discussed were –

1.   ONE PERSON IS IN CHARGE and everybody takes direction from that central person.   Obviously inefficient.

2.   NOBODY IN PARTICULAR IS REALLY IS IN CHARGE and everyone does their own thing.   Obviously nonproductive.

3.   ONE PERSON IS IN CHARGE and tasks and responsibilities are DELEGATED.    Our goal.  (sound familiar? (;  )

VOLUNTEERS are those who can provide 1 – 3 hours of work per week on average, phone banks, door hangers etc.

CTM, Core Team Members are local people who can provide 3 – 5 hours work per week.   These are people in the communtiy such as pastors and locally active folks or leaders.

NTL, Neighborhood Leaders are local officers such as precinct captains providing about 10 hours+ per week of work.

FO, Field Organizers can be anyone but presumably those associated or in touch with the state/national Republican staff.  These are the central staffers.

The following are notes on how we go about building this delegated model to actually work:

How the neighborhood teams are built:

PHASE 1   potential

PHASE 2   early couple of meetings

PHASE  3  team structure formed, people have assigned roles

PHASE  4  everyone knows what they are doing

PHASE  5  transformation – “big” team, may even split into a second team.

Build 1 to 1 relationships first

1.   Start with asking “why”. Why am I really a Republican?  Why am I doing this?

2.    Use personal stories.  These have emotional appeal, build connection, create a platform for expansion and trust.

Why volunteers leave  (how to address)

1.  not having fun        (take pictures, have more fun, keep the office clean)

2.   not being challenged

3.   not feeling valued         (find _something_ for everyone to do, i.e. clean the office)

4.   not being thanked           (anyone who visits the office gets a thank you note)

Phrases to avoid    vs    Phrases to use

1.   do you have time?       vs     can I count on you?

2.    if you are not too busy?     vs      I would love for you to participate

3.    would you be interested?      vs     I have an opportunity for you

Tools and Tactics

1.    door hangers    –   effective/ time consuming.    Voters are 6% more likely to vote after receiving a door hanger

2.    phone   –    easier, faster/ less effective, expensive.    Phone numbers are harder to track.

3.   door presentations/canvassing  – personal, effective/time consuming, weather&safety issues.

Best times for canvassing:     M-F 4-7pm for most adult residences,  early afternoon for senior living areas.    Saturdays 10am to 1pm.     Sunday  3-6pm.      Estimate 3 hours for 60 doors in a reasonably dense neighborhood.

The RNC prediction for national turnout in 2016 was 135,824,656.    It was actually 136,588,897.

The RNC prediction for Michican in 2016 was 4,806,396.    It was actually 4,799,450 (.1%)

Again, many thanks to Tiph, the BCRWC, the RNC and all the good folks who attended the session. As you can see, we are on the right track with a lot of what we are already doing and see plenty of space and opportunity for growth and improvement in what we need to do!

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