From the chair – You may remember the much-favored rallying cry for the feminist women’s movement, “Well behaved women seldom make history.” It’s true. May we suggest it’s also true of men?

Take President Trump. He just behaved badly in Helsinki.

With the eyes of the world on him and Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, our Republican President let his chutzpah get ahead of his brain and he made several foolish statements.

Note we said his statements were foolish – that’s as in non-productive. That’s not necessarily the same thing as wrong.

Our President’s predecessor prided himself on shining imagery and oratory. He spent 8 years polishing those credentials.

Donald Trump’s imagery grade would not make his mom proud. His successes and commitment to courageously lead versus safely dog-paddle merit an A+.

When your primary mission is maintaining your image, risk factors are limited. When your mission is to lead, mistakes are inevitable. Sometimes they will also be foolish.

As measured by the number of females we support in leadership roles, conservatives aren’t sexist. We get it that neither well-behaved women nor men make history – and that swamps are muddy places less vulnerable to charm than conviction.

Can you name one constructive leadership achievement by President Trump’s predecessor? ObamaCare – for gazillion obvious reasons – doesn’t count. Take your time. (;

Now think about what this President has accomplished in his first year in office. Allow us to help-

  • Passage of the tax reform bill providing $5.5 billion in cuts and repealing the Obamacare mandate.
  • Increase of the GDP above 3 percent.
  • Creation of 1.7 million new jobs, cutting unemployment to 4.1 percent.
  • Saw the Dow Jones reach record highs.
  • A rebound in economic confidence to a 17-year high.
  • A new executive order to boost apprenticeships.
  • A move to boost computer sciences in Education Department programs.
  • Prioritizing women-owned businesses for some $500 million in SBA loans.
  • Signed an Executive Order demanding that two regulations be killed for every new one created.
  • He beat that big and cut 16 rules and regulations for every one created, saving $8.1 billion.
  • Signed 15 congressional regulatory cuts.Withdrew from the Obama-era Paris Climate Agreement, ending the threat of environmental regulations.
  • Signed an Executive Order cutting the time for infrastructure permit approvals.
  • Eliminated an Obama rule on streams that Trump felt unfairly targeted the coal industry.
  • Made good on his campaign promise to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
  • Opened up the North American Free Trade Agreement for talks to better the deal for the U.S.
  • Worked to bring companies back to the U.S., and companies like Toyota, Mazda, Broadcom Limited, and Foxconn announced plans to open U.S. plants.
  • Made enforcement of U.S. trade laws, especially those that involve national security, a priority.
  • Ended Obama’s deal with Cuba.
  • The Department of Interior, which has led the way in cutting regulations, opened plans to lease 77 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas drilling.
  • Trump traveled the world to promote the sale and use of U.S. energy.
  • Expanded energy infrastructure projects like the Keystone XL Pipeline snubbed by Obama.
  • Ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to kill Obama’s Clean Power Plan.
  • EPA is reconsidering Obama rules on methane emissions.
  • Laid out new principles for reforming immigration and announced plan to end “chain migration,” which lets one legal immigrant to bring in dozens of family members.
  • Persistently pressed to build the border wall with Mexico.
  • Ended the Obama-era “catch and release” of illegal immigrants.
  • Boosted the arrests of illegals inside the U.S.
  • Doubled the number of counties participating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement charged with deporting illegals.
  • Removed 36 percent more criminal gang members than in fiscal 2016.
  • Started the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program.
  • Ditto for other amnesty programs like Deferred Action for Parents of Americans.
  • Cracking down on some 300 sanctuary cities that defy ICE but still get federal dollars.
  • Added some 100 new immigration judges.
  • Justice announced grants of $98 million to fund 802 new cops.
  • Justice worked with Central American nations to arrest and charge 4,000 MS-13 members.
  • Homeland rounded up nearly 800 MS-13 members, an 83 percent one-year increase.
  • Signed three executive orders aimed at cracking down on international criminal organizations.
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions created new National Public Safety Partnership, a cooperative initiative with cities to reduce violent crimes.
  • Trump has nominated 73 federal judges and won his nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.
  • Ordered ethical standards including a lobbying ban.
  • Called for a comprehensive plan to reorganize the executive branch.
  • Ordered an overhaul to modernize the digital government.
  • Called for a full audit of the Pentagon and its spending.
  • First, the president declared a Nationwide Public Health Emergency on opioids.
  • His Council of Economic Advisors played a role in determining that overdoses are underreported by as much as 24 percent.
  • The Department of Health and Human Services laid out a new five-point strategy to fight the crisis.
  • Justice announced it was scheduling fentanyl substances as a drug class under the Controlled Substances Act.
  • Justice started a fraud crackdown, arresting more than 400.
  • The administration added $500 million to fight the crisis.
  • On National Drug Take Back Day, the Drug Enforcement Agency collected 456 tons.
  • In his first week, Trump reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy that blocks some $9 billion in foreign aid being used for abortions.
  • Worked with Congress on a bill overturning an Obama regulation that blocked states from defunding abortion providers.
  • Published guidance to block Obamacare money from supporting abortion.
  • Signed the Veterans Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act to allow senior officials in the Department of Veterans Affairs to fire failing employees and establish safeguards to protect whistleblowers.
  • Signed the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act.
  • Signed the Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act, to provide support.
  • Signed the VA Choice and Quality Employment Act of 2017 to authorize $2.1 billion in additional funds for the Veterans Choice Program.
  • Created a VA hotline.
  • Had the VA launch an online “Access and Quality Tool,” providing veterans with a way to access wait time and quality of care data.
  • With VA Secretary Dr. David Shulkin, announced three initiatives to expand access to healthcare for veterans using telehealth technology.
  • Directed the rebuilding of the military and ordered a new national strategy and nuclear posture review.
  • Worked to increase defense spending.
  • Empowered military leaders to “seize the initiative and win,” reducing the need for a White House sign off on every mission.
  • Directed the revival of the National Space Council to develop space war strategies.
  • Elevated U.S. Cyber Command into a major warfighting command.
  • Withdrew from the U.N. Global Compact on Migration, which Trump saw as a threat to borders.
  • Imposed a travel ban on nations that lack border and anti-terrorism security.
  • Oversaw a process whereby ISIS lost virtually all of its territory.
  • Pushed for strong action against global outlaw North Korea and its development of nuclear weapons.
  • Announced a new Afghanistan strategy that strengthens support for U.S. forces at war with terrorism.
  • NATO increased support for the war in Afghanistan.
  • Approved a new Iran strategy plan focused on neutralizing the country’s influence in the region.
  • Ordered missile strikes against a Syrian airbase used in a chemical weapons attack.
  • Prevented subsequent chemical attacks by announcing a plan to detect them better and warned of future strikes if they were used.
  • Ordered new sanctions on the dictatorship in Venezuela.
  • Trump won the release of Americans held abroad, often using his personal relationships with world leaders.
  • Made good on a campaign promise to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

President Trump misspoke himself in Helsinki. He made a foolish statement and has since admitted so – it’s clear that Russian made an attempt to interfere in America’s election.

But there are a few things that are not so clear. Why did Robert Mueller who, as FBI chief, sat for five years on the indictment of Russian uranium executives to avoid embarrassing Obama and Hillary Clinton, chose to indict Russian military hackers on the eve of President Trump’s trip to Helsinki?

When the President suggested he did not trust our intelligence agencies, why was he so roundly vilified when it has been repeatedly demonstrated that former Obama CIA chief John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former FBI chief James Comey have in word and deed a relentless animosity toward the President?

Why is President Trump being criticized for going to Helsinki to do precisely what his two predecessors attempted to do – except he was more successful? A big example – calling out Germany for relying on us for protection from Russia while funding Russia with a pipeline deal. 

Why is our President’s attempt to stop knee-jerk hostility toward Russia and create dialog being confused with surrender to Putin’s charm and chrism? Calling out chronic NATO under-funding by our allies and chastising Germany’s crazy pipeline inconsistency is hardly a Putin win-win.

The fact is we have a President who leads boldly. He speaks from the cuff and not always with a careful attention to detail, facts or image appeal. Stand those occasional faux pas up against his courageous efforts to lead out of facts and truth, and it is very clear which matters most and why the usual suspects are trying so hard to discredit him.

Do we wish our President would be a little more careful with his words – yes – but not if it will mean he becomes like the parade of double talking manipulators who characterize the lion’s share of our leadership pool.  

A final point. It’s been demonstrated that Russia has attempted to interfere with our elections and no one has yet been held accountable. It’s also been demonstrated that our liberal mainstream media monopolists, intelligence services, and entrenched government bureaucrats have attempted to interfere with our elections and no one has yet been held accountable. 

Which one do you think matters most – Russian shenanigans on Facebook – or the traitors within our own borders…

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