From the chair – Don’t look now, but Brand-X just got some bad news. After years of exploiting America’s middle-class blue-collar workers, these important folks are saying “enough” and stepping decisively toward the Republican Party.

That’s exciting news and we can thank the President and his Republican team – including volunteers, elected leadership, and party officials – for creating the movement and momentum that’s made it happen. In fact, this is so special we might want to ponder why it happened so that we can work together to keep it happening.

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, let’s look at a few facts supporting this conservative political shift.

After the 1992 election, 15 of the 20 manufacturing intensive Congressional districts in America were represented by Democrats. Today, all 20 are served by Republicans.

In i992 there were 860 counties in America with 25% of workers employed in manufacturing. Bill Clinton won half of those counties. In 2016 there were only 320 counties meeting that criteria and Trump won 95% of those counties.

In 1992, manufacturing jobs accounted for roughly 16% of all jobs in America – now we’re down to roughly 8%. Most of that loss occurred under policies pressed by the Democrat Party. People – especially people who lost their jobs – remember.

Today, for the first time in a long time, we have a President who understands that service economies are vulnerable economies. Building things is also important and it’s not possible to leave that productivity component off the table and maintain a reliable standard of living. Witness success stories in Germany, China, Japan, and Korea. Each prioritizes services but have also sought smarter and better ways to build the things people use.

While the Democratic Party has been busy building welfare rolls and serving special interest voter groups, the countries noted above have wisely recognized that no handout can compete with the best social service – a good job. Blue-collar jobs can be really good jobs.

In the nineties, when America rolled over on our manufacturing power rather than upgrade, build smarter and seek to compete where we could and should, we put a lot of people out of a job. That was a form of betrayal that many working people and communities have not forgotten.

Until Donald Trump starting talking to these people, the Republican Party had no compelling voice for the working voter. We were blamed as much as the Democrats for the distressed status of those who historically made their living laying their hands on the world.

The President’s view on unfair trade agreements; closed markets for our goods by countries insisting on open markets for theirs; porous borders overrun with unskilled laborers; and a much-ignored sophisticated form of economic warfare by countries like China and Germany, resonates with blue-collar workers.

There is a feeling among many middle-class Americans that our leadership has spent so much time, resources and money securing the safety and interests of our economic partners that we have neglected our own.

We agree and value President Trump’s willingness to challenge this folly.

The fact is most Americans don’t want America to be like Europe. We like the traditional American values of independence, hard work, and big people over big government. We want our politicians to stand for something we can count on. We get the insanity of no borders. We recognize a rigged deal when we experience it. We understand that there is such a thing as normal and that common sense makes the most sense for most situations.

The migration away from the Democratic Party keys mostly to what our side is doing right. What their side is doing wrong counts too. The left is fast becoming little more than a loud cloud of special interest groups self-licensed to run over everyone who gets in their way. Working people recognizing bullying – even when it’s given a fake title of ‘social justice.’

A wise man was once asked, “What’s the most important thing to people?” “To matter,” he answered, “We all need to matter.” Blue-collar people like to matter by working. Brand-X seems to believe that being angry, negative, critical and radical are better ways. Working people know better and are voting with their feet by moving to the right side.

There are lot of us who also understand the decades long political betrayal of America’s traditional Success Equation – Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Prosperity.

People who carry their own weight and feed themselves and their families with their own hand – like most middle-class blue-collar workers strive to do – understand you can’t leave out ingredients and produce the same outcome.

Our opposition’s relentless promise of something for nothing makes that over-played pretense and it’s a working voter turn-off.

In today’s America we are faced with a clear choice between a party of tradition, realism and normality and increasingly angry cluster of anarchists seeking to replace an imperfect something with nothing.

People with more positive and realistic views – including working people – are wising up to the fact that America is not immune from self-destruction. The growing motivations of Americans moving away from the extremism of the left and toward Republicanism can be reduced to one thing – rejecting the message it’s necessary to hack off an arm to cure a rash…


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