From the chair – Buncombe County stands as an important bridge between the 10th and 11th Districts. We work to have representatives at the meetings of both and today was no exception.

Many thanks to Patsy Gardin and Robin Ramsey for attending!

Your chair had an opportunity along with other counties to provide a update on our state-of-the-county. The highlights of what I shared included our efforts toward unity, some of our special efforts (signs, billboards and more), and our new Campaign HQ. This part is always a great opportunity to learn from other counties.

The absolute high-point of the meeting was a presentation by former 11th District Chair David Sawyer on “Do’s and Don’ts of the Last 12 Weeks of Campaigning.”

David did an excellent job and provided a wealth of information. Take-a-way for us? We’re doing well and on track with what we should be to help elect Republicans in the fall.

Best point of action? We need everyone to walk their talk. Without active volunteers, it just can’t happen. Without you, it won’t happen as well!

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