Carl Mumpower, Chair – As surely as the progressive-liberal-socialist movement is blowing up before our eyes, America’s conservative movement is gathering steam.

This phenomena begins and ends with two words – President Trump. We are living in one of those rare – MLK, Gandhi, Churchill, Reagan, Washington – moments where one man with a courage button is turning the world upside down.

This not-so-gentlemanly gentleman’s game-changer impact is not coming out of mirrored MLK eloquence, Gandhi’s purity, Churchill’s language mastery, Regan’s charm or Washington’s integrity. President Trump’s renewal of 21st century conservatism tracks to his one relentless dedication – an unyielding refusal to manage the decline of America.

Don’t look now, but that’s precisely what his predecessors have been doing for the past 20 years. In fact, surrendering to the notion that our America was being out-classed, out-thought, out-worked and generally out-done has become a DC team sport. For too long we have been under the spell that China, Inc., E.U. Inc. and “empires always fail” pessimists are right and America’s patriots are wrong.

Clinton put a happy face on his surrender and pragmatically rode Reagan’s wave. Bush spent trillion’s of tomorrow’s defense dollars pretending we could be nation-builders in corrupt foreign lands at the same time we couldn’t manage our own borders or budgets. Obama? He audaciously championed the inevitability of America’s second-class socialistic status; rejected any notion of exceptionalism; and encouraged us to feel guilty and learn to adapt to our mediocrity.

This President has rejected the misguided mission of his predecessors and dared to suggest that America still has her heart and future in her own hands. He’s infectiously convinced us we had a success equation in the past that worked, works now and can work in the future.

What is America’s Success Equation? It’s simple – Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Prosperity. Having used this same success formula to fuel his own achievements, he knows it works – for a nation as surely as an individual.

Unlike his predecessors, the opposition party and competitive countries, he understands that you can’t leave out ingredients and produce the same results. America’s Republicans are unique in our shared dedication – however imperfect – to every piece of this formula.

Democrats like the liberty and opportunity part – as long as Big Government sets the terms – but betray responsibility with profound consistency. China hates liberty, selectively doles out opportunity and relies on responsibility as a stand-alone path to prosperity. The E.U. pretty much duplicates the model of our own Democratic Party. In each case – regardless of short-term success – long-term failure is assured.

You can’t bake a good cake by leaving out crucial ingredients.

Trump understands that America’s future is in the hands of Americans – not a predetermined dark destiny or the masked despotic hands of Communist China or Socialist Europe. He understands that if he can unleash and mobilize those Americans who understand our roots and who are willing to stand up – our powers of renewal are intact and limitless.

In contrast, Brand-X delights in dimming America’s beacon. Pitting us against each other; creating false narratives; and selling victim and entitlement licenses to almost every special interest group in American is intended to do just that.

Brand-X is as relentless as we are, but they have an Achilles Heel – it’s cynicism, not optimism, that flavors their dedication.

Look at what they do with essentially any social issue. Predictions of gloom and doom are painted over zoom and boom no matter what the facts and on-the-street realities affirm. Brand-X hates the fact we are vigorously prospering while they are anxiously perspiring.

Managing America’s decline is a Brand-X specialty. That’s because managing our degradation is their Prime Directive. If they can convince the patient we’re dying, they can be our doctor.

A most recent example of this corrupt model can be found with California Governor Jerry Brown and his explanation for the fires consuming his state – “Climate change that is catastrophic and a permanent part of our reality.”

That the facts and history point to droughts as a long-term episodic California reality; that his state has been building in places they shouldn’t; that they have been putting public taxes into electric car subsidies over fire engines, aircraft and fire-fighting technology; and their micromanagement/elimination of controlled burning has allowed forest debris to build to unprecedented levels doesn’t matter to those believing in their truth over the real deal.

Thank goodness we no longer have someone working out of this broken leadership model at the helm of our country. In President Trump we have something much different and – by objective measurement – infinitely better.

He hasn’t done it all and he hasn’t done it alone and he hasn’t done it like MLK, Ghandi, Churchill, Reagan, or Washington. But this President has done it in similarly refiring the boilers of a ship running out of fuel.

Though his energy and courage are phenomenal, he still needs our help. That’s why you should be a conservative – and plan to vote Republicans into office this fall.

Brand-X? They want you to stay home so they can restart our doomsday clock…


“If America ever falls, it will be an inside job”.  Paul Harvey

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