Asheville Council is Paralyzing our Police

From the chair – Take a close look at this picture. Count the number of men you see. Note the very limited minority representation. This is the current Basic Law Enforcement Training class for the city of Asheville. You can gather more information – including this picture – on the Asheville Police Department Facebook page.

The current class has 9 enrollees. We are grateful for every single one. As conservative thinkers we appreciate the service and sacrifices of all of our first responders.

How many should there be? How about the 20+ that’s more or less the standard BLT class? That’s the approximate number of officers needed to address attrition and wear and tear on our existing officers.

Why only 9 and why so little diversity? Where are all those activists who’ve been crying for minority representation? Clearly there is plenty of room. What’s happened after a decade plus of progressive declarations and plans to expand minority participation on our police force? Nothing – we’ve actually gone backwards.

The lion’s share of this public safety chaos can be tracked to Asheville’s 7-0 super-majority of progressive-liberal-socialists and their politically constrained and/or poorly chosen administrators. They have criticized, undermined, policy impaired, underfunded and otherwise discouraged those who might serve as surely as those who do serve.

Don’t take just my word – consider these of a former senior APD officer – “They can’t hire officers because entry level pay is low and dept is getting a bad reputation. Other reasons too but I will leave it at that. Particularly pay at entry level. Highway patrol just received a 5% raise and they are making roughly $15,000.00 more starting and a whole lot better benefits.”

While Asheville’s liberal leaders invest tax dollars in non-profits and special interests, the city’s No. 1 job – public safety – is being drastically neglected.

That’s shameful – and it’s also dangerous.

Nothing works without safety. If you make our community unsafe you put everything we are and have in jeopardy. If good people are afraid to join or serve enthusiastically because no one has their back, enforcement goes down and the good fortune of professional criminals, violence prone individuals, law-breakers and other social predators goes up.

Asheville’s police officers are being handcuffed by political correctness and hidden agendas. People will suffer as a result of this lack of prudence by Asheville’s governing body.

Buncombe’s Republicans wish to bring this risky trend to your attention. As we go forward, please remember who’s responsible for the negative crime impacts that are already being felt and accelerated.

For fun, we also want to extend a challenge to these new recruits. We’d like to have a push-up contest between one of our community’s Republicans and one of your team. If you beat us, lunch at the downtown Chestnut restaurant is on us for the class and your able trainers.

If one of us old creaky struggling Medicare eligible Republicans win, you don’t owe us a thing. What you and your fellow officers are doing means more than you know.


This abuse of our city’s public safety function is just the latest in a long line of mismanagement steps by the political machine we call Brand-X.

This loose conglomerate of Democrats, socialists, progressives, and other liberally dedicated individuals have been stomping on Asheville and Buncombe County for decades. What’s happened to cool, green Asheville has more to do with chaos than growth.

Want a short list of how the Democratic Party and their partners in mis-governance have harmed our community?

Start by attempting to park in downtown Asheville – they killed our parking garage plans. Drive from Asheville to South Asheville – they killed the timely expansion of our main highway arteries. Frustrated with your tax dollars being stolen through government – they were in charge and still are. When did we ever believe we’d be so inundated by drugs – they unleashed and enabled our drug culture. Have you looked at the debt picture for the city and county lately – it’s scary and that debt was created under the careless watch of you know who. Tried to buy a house lately – normal people can’t afford to live here and elitist policies coming from the left have fueled that imbalance. Looked at your tax bill lately – progressive extravagance accounts for much of that burden and you can expect it to get worse, a lot worse, as the bills for their largess start coming due.

We can go on and on with the negative things that have happened to our community, but there’s no need. Just sit back and watch the parade as it unfolds in coming months and years. Every time you see another “what the heck” occurrence, remember who’s been in charge.

Oh yes, please also remember that our local mainstream media outlets have been asleep at the wheel during this period of cultural regression. They’ve been so busy supporting the liberal power structure and beating up conservatives that their investigative sincerity button has been muted.

Case in point – the nepotism and extravagance of the county administration has been in view for years.  Advocacy journalists ignored the misdeeds of their team and relentlessly attacked our team until their team hit a wall. No matter what disclaimers the ‘ink by the barrel’ folks proclaim – that’s enemy action.

Media bias is not OK for many reasons but the biggest is really big – our Republic cannot survive without objective scrutiny.

We don’t have objective mainstream media in Asheville and Buncombe County.  We have a liberal propaganda marketing service pretending to be objective. When they wake up – hopefully before it’s too late – those of us who are attempting to fill in will be happy to retire.

In the interim, please ignore their nonsense and look and listen with your common sense. It will be readily apparent which political movement has been busily undoing our community – and where your vote can be better invested…


The best way to stop weeds is to grow good grass…


4 thoughts on “Asheville Council is Paralyzing our Police”

    1. Thank you Aaron – we appreciate your sharing the BCGOP’s take with others – “No government function matters more than public safety.”

      1. Aaron, Thank you for the telling photo and taking the time to provide the truth. God bless Asheville’s police. The county needs to pay them more competitively.

  1. Who comes to our aid when we find our self being threatened by a burglar, thief, rapist,or a person who is beating your friend and is coming to kidnap you or your baby ? We call for HELP, we call for the police to rescue us ! APD is underpaid and not respected by our City Council !! Wake up people ! We need protection! The police are our soldiers armed to protect our laws and most of all to protect the citizens of pur city. Next time you see a police officer, Thank them for their service.

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