From the chair – Back in June (see bottom of this page) we sent out an appeal for help with acquiring a Campaign HQ for this year’s election. Senator Edwards requested an update, and I thought this might be a good time to share the latest.

At this point we do not have a Campaign HQ and there is nothing on the horizon. We had a fair offer on a roughly $1,000 a month rent on a great location. Yes Myrtle, the Buncombe GOP has an affordable housing problem. (;

Secondly, you may not know this, but most years the BCGOP has funded a reduced rate, part or very little of our campaign HQ costs. From a research of budgets over the past 15 years or so, candidates, the RNC and generous benefactors have carried the lion’s share of the costs. There is as yet no funding this year from those sources – besides, we like to carry our own water. (;

There’s is also no rabbit waiting in any of the hats I’ve explored. We’ll continue searching options, but if you have one, please get with me and let’s check it out.

Here’s our options-

  1. A benefactor steps up
  2. Someone remembers an affordable empty space that we might slip into for a few months
  3. We press on without a central location for signs and a phone bank. Naaaahhhhh…
  4. We ask the Asheville City Council for a housing subsidy? Double Naaaahhhhh…

Let’s go for option 1 or 2! We will do what we have to, but clearly having a place to hang our hat between next month and the election is in everyone’s best interest but our opposition’s.

Now is a good time for our Republican volunteers to put their best thinking cap on and help us come up with a solution. That’s how we’ve handled a parade of hurdles over the past year. Let’s do it again!



From the chair – At one our first meetings last year under the new leadership team, the question was raised as to whether we wanted to work toward acquiring a permanent headquarters. The vote was a resounding “no’ with the prevailing view being that we should put our money and effort into something besides real estate.

There are arguments for and against that outcome, but it remains that we have an election before us and need a physical place to hang our hat. To date the best opportunity we’ve had has come from an engaged Republican who was willing to provide a great space for $1,000 including utilities. It was a better-than-fair offer, but our budget cannot absorb even that.

And so, we’re left with the need for a space to hold our signs, campaign material and volunteer activities during the fast approaching intensities of the election season. To the extent we’re all in with plans to cover the polls; develop attractive and creative sample ballots; place signs (candidate signs and a bunch of big banners like the 6×3 example below) and otherwise support our Republican candidates, we’re in need of a reasonably convenient place to hang our hat.

Can you help? We promise to, in turn, to convert your support into targeted action toward Job One – getting Republicans elected in Buncombe County, our Districts and our State.

Please let us know if you have any ideas!


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