Topless grunge coming back to Asheville…

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From the chair – We’ve lost count at this point. Count on what – the number of times the topless ‘protestors’ have graced Asheville’s downtown city parks? They’re coming back this Sunday and what we haven’t lost count of are the number of lies being told to indulge this silly and insensible ‘exercise in uplifting women.’ Mind if we share a quick list on the deceptions?

  1. CITY LEADERS CAN’T STOP THIS – Take a look at the map above. Note that Asheville is the only place in the south this nefarious group is coming to. Why? Asheville is the only place they can come to safely because our city leaders indulge the effort.
  2. THERE ARE NO LAWS TO STOP IT – There are numerous state and local laws that cover this sort of misbehavior. Asheville just chooses to ignore the numerous enforcement options.
  3. MEDIA COMPLICITY – Asheville’s mainstream media outlets are simply echoing the city position without doing any homework. It’s even been done for them, but reality has never been a distraction from advocating for Asheville’s 7-0 liberal-progressive power lock. Again, look at the map and tell us that city leader hand wringing and claims of being unable to do anything ring authentically.
  4. THIS IS A PROTEST FOR WOMEN’S RIGHTS – No it’s not. Why protest something they say you can already do? The originator of this event was (and is?) a pediatric practice manager and part time clown from Alabama. They don’t put up with his nonsense there so he comes here – to protest – no – to put on a show. How do we know? We have pictures to prove it.
  5. IT’S NO BIG DEAL – Anyone thinking lewd behavior in city parks and on city sidewalks in front of families is no big deal has a different sense of normal than we do.

Deceased Republican State Senator James Forrester was correct in famously suggesting Asheville was a “Cesspool of Sin.” Our 7-0 liberal city council, media complicity and citizen complacency are locking it in.

Please note on the map that even cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and Phoenix have stepped in to say “NO!”  Asheville is refusing to say “NO” not because they can’t, but because they won’t…



Vote for Republicans – we’re not into degrading women and children.
Brand-X? Well…


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