5 thoughts on “#WalkAway Video Speaks for Growing Parade of Disenchanted Democrats”

  1. IF the Republicans plan to win this upcoming election they MUST
    get the message out on what has happened in today’s world:

    1. Unemployment is at the lowest in (#?) years, even with blacks,
    2. The economy such as the stock market is the highest in decades.
    Real estate sales are at an all time high.
    3. Etc., Etc. (other values of results.)

    Let’s NOT worry about the various Trump indiscretions. Millions of
    dollars have been spent on investigations, interrogations, etc., in
    a useless manner.

    This information should be [continually] pressed forward. NOT on Fox
    News/Rush Limbaugh. The liberals/Democrats/Socialists do NOT listen to
    these sources. Use a source where it is more to this group.

    We (Republicans) are being beat down by the liberal media. IT must be
    counteracted. My first election was for Dwight Eisenhower. We can do it!!

  2. What do you think about the possibility that the folks won’t show up to vote when the economy is doing well? How can we motivate voters to show up if they think they everything will continue to stay the same? We need to continue to point out the differences between the Democrats and the Republicans and their respective candidates. We need to know both sides of the issues and ask questions, listen, and respond without getting emotional.

    1. Hi to our General Assembly Candidate for the 116th District. You are absolutely correct Marilyn. We need to be doing everything we can – in positive fashion – to raise awareness that America is working again and it’s because Republicans leaders are working hard to make it so. We need to match their effort with our own get out the vote initiatives. A good trend is showing up – most recently in Florida where Democrats are really coming out, but Republicans and conservative voters are coming out more. Most news sources are tracking that trend to the influences of our Republican President!

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