The Party of Anarchy has Declared War

From the chair – If we didn’t know it before the Kavanaugh hearing, we certainly know it now. We are in a 1st tier culture war where the historical rules of political engagement have been shredded.

Before, during and after the last-minute “we found something else” play by the Democratic Party, every standard of dignity, honesty, integrity, maturity and civility was violated with impunity. The paralyzed state of most of the Republicans charged with countering the nonsense was disappointing. If only one side is firing their guns, that side gets the attention no matter how badly they’re shooting.

Thank goodness the nominee rediscovered his testicular fortitude and refused to roll over. Though he sometimes confused being angry with being effective, he did well, and per the facts and testimony introduced, hopefully salvaged his nomination. As regards his antagonists, allow us to suggest three summation words – false memory syndrome.

Don’t look now, but if you’re a conservative, the opposition is out to get you.

They’re not just out to disagree with you, impair you or defeat you – they’re actually out to get you. That’s get you as in abuse you, hurt you, destroy you, or make you go away.

Less one think that’s an overreaction, rewind the Kavanaugh hearings and Brand-X’s campaign to get him. Short of a trained sniper on a building, what haven’t they tried?

By now you’ve noticed it’s always the left claiming the right is pulling America apart with racism, sexism, hate, violence and deception. That defensive claim is called projection, and it’s an amazingly effective way to confuse people. Subterfuge at this level is an act of war – not politics.

One is reminded how the North Vietnamese notoriously exploited American TV by providing films of children “killed by American bombs.” All the while they were busy murdering children and anyone else who got in their way in South Vietnam.

The craziness is not just a Washington thing – it’s happening right here at home.

Remember Antifa – the liberal “anti-fascist” group our local daily happy faced as innocent protestors attempting to counter the excesses of the right? They were wrong – really wrong.

Right wing radicals are finding no traction within the Republican Party. We’re rejecting our extremists. In contrast, Antifa is on a hot streak of anarchistic radicalism that’s broadly endorsed by the Democratic Party.

For confirmation of Antifa’s dark heart, take a journey on the social media sites of their members and fans. It reads like the handbills of Russia’s Bolshevik revolution. Lenin would have been proud and smiled at their propensity for verbal and physical violence.

Take any organized political activity in our community where the conservative view is in play and Democrat antagonists of one flavor or another will appear. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Trump pre-election rally; a political debate; a Town Hall meeting by an elected conservative official; a meeting of a bi-partisan Board of Election; or just a guy wearing a pro-conservative T-Shirt in a downtown bar, the left’s gorilla warriors are on the scene with a license to disrupt.

This may come as a shock, but would you believe one of Asheville’s more prominent Antifa-like activists is a MAHEC-trained physician? Yep, and this person is employed locally by a tax-payer funded clinic. The mission of this inconsistent healer’s confederation is apparently to attack anyone in Asheville with the cojones to demonstrate their conservative leanings. The message is something like this, “This is our town, you don’t belong, and we have the power to make you miserable enough to where you will leave or at the very least dare not reveal yourself.

When looking at local and national liberal anarchists, one is reminded of a quote often mis-attributed to Gandhi – “First they ignore, then they mock, then they attack – then they surrender.” These folks are just arriving at the third phase and they have no plans for surrender.

Don’t mention it, but they’re doomed to failure. Enthusiasm won’t compensate for the fact it’s not possible to get to good places through bad means. Doing good in a hard world is never that easy. Unfortunately, as they rise and fall, they will take a lot of people with them.

Anarchists – in whatever form – should be readily recognized as lazy. They like short-cuts and when they run out of fuels like entitlement, victimization, self-righteousness and anger, their movements collapse.

Pay special attention to that anger thing. Notice that it’s always central to their efforts. The problem for the recipients – us – is it can lead to some temporary misery. The bigger problem for them is that it assures long-term misery. Anger is addictive and destroys the person or organization that contains it. Wherever you find lots of anger, be assured you will find lots of depression. Watch liberal activists for confirmation and don’t confuse the temporary enthusiasm of being on a stage for being happy.

Is there a counter answer to the Democratic Party’s evolution into anarchy? Sure, the normal people of America have to double down and keep doing the hard work of keeping American great. Duplicating their model is not an answer.

Allow us this opportunity to remake a point – the Republican Party remains the only organized political movement capable of countering the growing excesses of the left.

May we suggest you vote and invest yourself accordingly?


Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save…

Want a great conservative ballot for Buncombe County?

From the chair – Looking for clear information on conservative candidates for the upcoming election in Buncombe County? Thanks to the Blue Ridge Republican Women’s Club and the talented hand of Fremont Brown, we all have one. These good folks have done their part – now let’s print it out and put it to good use!

America’s Real Predators Aren’t Sexual

From the chair – Remember when the kids were little and one got a boo-boo? Any mommy or daddy worth a salt mastered the art of decoy therapy. “Look over there at that butterfly – isn’t that cool!” If the distraction was big enough, it helped make the pain seem smaller.

Social predators use that same technique for something less noble. They rely on it to make adults stupid.

Today’s America is filled with a host of predators using boo-boo politics to prey on the naive, young, fearful and unwitting.  They’re pillaging our culture behind a false banner of virtue and compassion. A patterned dedication – false to the core – is the belief one can get to good places through bad means.

Their latest first-tier application of decoy therapy centers on the unfolding confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. This time the butterfly comes in the form of a sexual abuse accusation.

The victim has detailed a painful adolescent vulnerability experience centering on bad stuff that stopped short of really bad stuff. She is unable to tell where it happened, most of what did happen or exactly when it happened. She is unwilling to tell anything at all unless she dictates the when, with whom and where.

Kavanaugh’s accuser is a PhD psychologist. That means she has something in the neighborhood of four years of post-graduate training in dealing with things like psychological trauma, situationally provoked anxiety and productive life-event management. She’s apparently forgotten much of what she was taught.

Though she is able to clearly define the life-long harm she has experienced as a result of what happened on an undefined night over three decades ago, she was less successful in applying her training to overcoming that damage. Post-trauma recovery protocols and cognitive behavioral therapy are just a couple of the tools that trained psychologists use to help people move beyond the unfortunate but seemingly inevitable miseries of living on a fallen planet.

Over six-weeks ago, this self-identified victim reached out to a politician, a newspaper and the FBI to share her story. Not always willing to regress to Hoover-like political misuse of our nation’s premier investigative agency, the latter refused to investigate. Neither of the first two chose to introduce her information into the official confirmation hearing process. You know, the one where 70 protestors – many of them paid for their service – were arrested during the early stages of a 5-day reenactment of the Spanish inquisition.  

Yes, this was the same hearing where a modern-day imagined Spartacus stepped up with a rubber sword and a phalanx of blue-robed Democrats did everything imaginable to eviscerate the character, background and potentials of the nominee.

They were not successful.

Which brings us to today and a Democrat championed last-minute Hail Mary pass attempt to impair the nomination of their worst nightmare – a justice who actually believes our governance blueprint – the U.S. Constitution – means something.

That this last-minute is action is predatory is further affirmed by the arrogance of the perpetrators. In an unprecedented assault on the rule of law, their demands are extraordinary.

The good doctor in question – a liberal activist with a trackable history of such – is represented by a liberal activist attorney and liberal activist politicians who are telling the U.S. Senate what she will do or not do.


That’s not how it works. The U.S. Senate is an elected body with Constitutional powers and responsibilities – including vetting and approval of Supreme Court Justices. When it comes to those charges, they tell us what to do.

That’s a common problem with predators. The rules don’t apply to them. Ask Bill Clinton and his apologists on the left how they relentlessly minimized factual data on his extensive predatory history. Compare that to how they have suddenly developed a social conscience and are piling on Brett Kavanaugh for someone’s foggy adolescent memory of a painful high school threat experience that – per the accuser – failed.

We are thus witnessing to one of the most predatory political actions in our country’s history perpetrated by a band of brothers, sisters and others united in a central belief –  “We are right; therefore, we are free to use any form of mischief and malice we deem appropriate to win.” Every despot and dictator-in-training in history has relied on this same thinking to seize control and power.

The issue before us today is not one of sexual abuse. It’s about power abuse.

Those involved are using the same kind of local thinking that says it’s OK to destroy monuments, block streets, vilify police officers, vandalize businesses, or otherwise lie, cheat and steal to get what they want.

It’s important that you and I not react like children to this latest exercise in Democrat decoy. We have to keep our eye on the boo-boo – not the butterfly.

It’s entirely possible that the future of our Republic rests on the success or failure of this assault on the rule of law.  At no time since the Civil War have we seen such a clash of political opposites.

On one hand we have Republican leaders attempting to honor their oath of office to “Uphold the U.S. Constitution” by responsibly vetting a supreme Court nominee with a life-time track record of Constitutional sincerity.

On the other we have Democrat leaders ignoring their oath of office and attempting to undermine the U.S. Constitution in any way possible. Who do you think stands on the right side of right?

What’s happening now is just a preview of what’s coming if conservatives don’t vote in this mid-term election.

Spartacus and his liberal cohorts clearly believe you won’t…


Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save…


BCGOP, Buncombe GOP,

Challenging C.F.S. (Liberal Control Freak Syndrome)

From the chair – There are a million ways to separate the conservative view from that of the left, but few offer more crystallized clarity than our opposition’s take on control.

Republicans believe the point of the sword on control is personal accountability for our own behavior and growth.

We believe the more people assume control over their own destiny, the greater individual potential for emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual prosperity. That requires a steady attachment to the importance of building good character and making good choices. As fans of big people over big government, we recognize that personal liberty doesn’t work without a matching measure of individual responsibility.

Our opposition’s view reverses our take 180 degrees. That point can be affirmed with one assertion: The left attempts to control everything but themselves.

For confirmation, simply read the Democratic Party Platform.  It’s all about big government, spending other people’s money, promising something for nothing and anyway you like it lifestyles as the enlightened path to nirvana. Finding calls for personal responsibility, good choices and character in the Democratic Platform is like trying to find a safe street corner in Chicago.

Which brings us to the real point of this missive.

If you’ve wondered why our Republican led General Assembly has been so keen on their effort to introduce six Amendments to the NC State Constitution, it all tracks to the left’s draconian control dedications.

We live in a time of unprecedented attack on our state’s historical values and system of governance. Each of the Constitutional Amendments proposed is an attempt to insulate these traditions of success from the abuses associated with legislation from the bench and big-government heavy-handedness by the opposition party.

That’s a long-winded way of saying the Amendments are an attempt to counter Liberal Control Freak Syndrome.

Here’s a quick take on each Amendment, what it’s about, and why it’s important.

The Right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife – This one is self-explanatory and to date 23 states have adopted a similar amendment. The why is simple – too many people who hunt, fish, and harvest with a cart in a grocery store are seeking to undermine the rights of those who do so with a gun or pole out in nature. This amendment seeks to preserve this right and heritage.

Marsy’s Law Amendment to strengthen protections for crime victims – Increasingly in our society criminals are afforded extraordinary protections that prioritize rights over responsibilities. The victims of crime are often further wronged by the results of this imbalance. Republican’s believe those harmed by crime deserve considerations at least equal to those who commit those crimes.

Amendment to lower state income tax cap from 10 percent to 7 percent – This amendment seeks to impair those who believe that robbing one set of pockets to fill another of their choosing is good governance. In contrast, Republicans believe in keeping the lion’s share of earned money in the pockets of those who work for that money.

Requiring photo ID for in-person voting – We’re surrounded by evidence of unscrupulous individuals, political movements and special interest groups who know no boundaries in attempting to secure their agendas. In unity with 38 other states, North Carolina is seeking to preserve the safety of one of the most important pieces of our governance puzzle – the voting booth. Republicans believe seeking ID for voting booth access is important for the same reason ID is necessary to board a plane, purchase a six-pack or apply for food stamps. We also believe that those who believe minorities are incapable of arranging for a personal ID are being incredibly racist, sexist and whatever other ‘ist’ one can think of.

Change the appointment process of the state elections board – This is nothing more than an attempt to unclutter and reduce the partisanship and unilateral control that continues to cloud and complicate healthy election functioning. Why – because Republicans want to keep the ballot box as free from manipulation as possible.

Change the appointment process for judicial vacancies between elections – This amendment stops the process of filling judicial vacancies by one person – the Governor – and puts it in the hands of a broader elected body – the General Assembly. This step will thus help keep judicial selection in the hands of the voters, reduce party dominance of the judiciary and will apply equally to Republicans and Democrats. The why – as we mentioned earlier, Republicans like amendments that support the idea of big people over big government.

Buncombe’s Republicans see the wisdom in these Amendments. We encourage you to vote for all six. May we also cheer you on in sharing the satisfaction of challenging Liberal Control Freak Syndrome in the thus impaired?

We’re talking about a political movement that discourages all boundaries on personal behavior; is indifferent to the importance of good personal choices; and which advocates a character model framed in the Seven Deadly Sins. Doing all that while simultaneously attempting to control everything else in the universe is dangerous – and, unfortunately, contagious.

The proposed 2018 Amendments to N.C.’s Constitution is another good step in challenging the left’s ‘C.F.S.’ zombie walk…


They want it all…


A Moment to Remember…

September 11th, 2001 – who would ever have thought that such a powerful event would step so quietly into the deeper corners of our memory?

That’s not true for everyone and its not true for everyone in the same way. But for most of us, time has softened that day more than we could have imagined.

It’s OK – it’s normal.

This is the minds way of clearing our head so we can add new stuff. Like a garage with so much junk we can’t park our car, to do otherwise would clutter up our brain so that new memories would be unable to find space.

Sometimes the mind is not sure what to keep and what to throw out. In our confusion, we can let memories fade naturally. Hard won lessons are often lost through nothing more than the passage of time.

Do we have a suggestion on this special day? Sure. We are all capable of taking a small corner of our mental garage and consciously deciding to reserve space for anything we feel is important – be it an anniversary, lesson in life or a pothole on our daily commute. That which we decide to remember we are more likely to remember.

Which brings us to a second key to memory retention – practice. That’s part of what today is all about – staying productively connected to a pivotal event in the life of our people; honoring those who were harmed and those who served; and holding to the lessons of the event.

For some, 9-11 is appropriately recognized in public ceremony. That’s a good thing. For most of us, however, 9-11 is a more private and personal thing. Dusting off that corner of our brain for a moment’s reflection and a quiet prayer is our way.

Either way is good – both are about remembering. Those who are no longer with us would ask no more…


A Defining Republican Moment…

From the chair – Something very special happened on August 11th. It was a moment largely invisible to the media, liberal pundits and other antagonists to America’s conservative movement. For Republicans – and our partners in good governance – it was a pivotal event meriting much celebration.  

On August 11th a scripted political happening unfolded in Washington, DC. It was the second “Unite the Right” rally – a follow-up to the 1st held in Charlottesville, Virginia. With exaggerated fanfare, it was heralded by almost everyone but the organizers as a “White Supremacist Rally.”

Pre-event media attention was relentless and intense. Preparation by the DC police and other enforcement agencies was dramatic. Counter-protests were planned and declared with gravitas and righteous indignation. Per the anticipatory drumbeats, chaos and catastrophe seemed inevitable.

But then something really special happened. Nobody showed up.

More specifically, enough “Unite the Right” rally participants to fill a couple of vans came together, spoke, marched and went home. All the fanfare, hype, hysteria and much anticipated racism, hate and violence didn’t happen. Not much of anything happened – at least from our side.

A lot happened on the other side. Hundreds of super-angry and super-entitled counter-protestors proceeded to unload on the city. They traveled in mobs and went so far as to aim fireworks at the White House and install street barricades.

In their wake they left a message. It wasn’t a good one. If actions are the best measure of sincerity – theirs was a mission of anger, anarchy, and antagonism ironically masked in anti-hate rhetoric. Sigh…

What’s the big deal about the DC rally? It’s simple – Republicans have so soundly and persistently rejected our right-leaning extremists that they’re having trouble finding traction – anywhere.

The counter-protestors didn’t reduce the rally attendee numbers – we did – and we did it by offering a message, method and mission that says no to violence, hate, racism and immaturity. We did it by walking our talk and demonstrating that Republicans in America are focused on productive solutions and that we have no wish to duplicate our opposition’s dark side. We did it by saying we’re too busy making America great again to support or be distracted by people who want to tear it down.

Fast forward to Tuesday, September 6th. That’s when Judge Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination hearings began. Within 36 hours, over 73 people associated with the proceedings had been arrested. None of those were Republicans – all were part of a planned “anti-hate” liberal-progressive-socialist nationwide campaign to disrupt and distract from the confirmation process.

No one watching Brand-X’s aggressive and irrational elected officials and angry and disruptive protestors could take home any message but one – these folks are the personification of hate. It’s a message doomed to fail. America is not about hate.

It’s our declarative observation that what they’re doing is not working – and what we’re doing is. These events have brought our differences to life with crystal clarity. One offers a cause for pause – the other a cause for celebration.

The party of normalcy decisively demonstrated our credentials on August 11th. The party of extremism and anarchy began decisively demonstrating theirs on September 4th. Time will tell which script for America wins.

We believe these two events reveal where your vote should be invested this fall. It matters because they’re clearly not done. But then neither are we…


Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save…





Buncombe GOP Chair receives honor…

From the chair – There’s really not much one can say. How about – “I will continue to strive to maintain the standards that have repeatedly stimulated Mountain-X readers to bestow to me this special and personal honor.”  Sigh…



“The truth is incontrovertible.

Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”

Winston Churchill