A Defining Republican Moment…

From the chair – Something very special happened on August 11th. It was a moment largely invisible to the media, liberal pundits and other antagonists to America’s conservative movement. For Republicans – and our partners in good governance – it was a pivotal event meriting much celebration.  

On August 11th a scripted political happening unfolded in Washington, DC. It was the second “Unite the Right” rally – a follow-up to the 1st held in Charlottesville, Virginia. With exaggerated fanfare, it was heralded by almost everyone but the organizers as a “White Supremacist Rally.”

Pre-event media attention was relentless and intense. Preparation by the DC police and other enforcement agencies was dramatic. Counter-protests were planned and declared with gravitas and righteous indignation. Per the anticipatory drumbeats, chaos and catastrophe seemed inevitable.

But then something really special happened. Nobody showed up.

More specifically, enough “Unite the Right” rally participants to fill a couple of vans came together, spoke, marched and went home. All the fanfare, hype, hysteria and much anticipated racism, hate and violence didn’t happen. Not much of anything happened – at least from our side.

A lot happened on the other side. Hundreds of super-angry and super-entitled counter-protestors proceeded to unload on the city. They traveled in mobs and went so far as to aim fireworks at the White House and install street barricades.

In their wake they left a message. It wasn’t a good one. If actions are the best measure of sincerity – theirs was a mission of anger, anarchy, and antagonism ironically masked in anti-hate rhetoric. Sigh…

What’s the big deal about the DC rally? It’s simple – Republicans have so soundly and persistently rejected our right-leaning extremists that they’re having trouble finding traction – anywhere.

The counter-protestors didn’t reduce the rally attendee numbers – we did – and we did it by offering a message, method and mission that says no to violence, hate, racism and immaturity. We did it by walking our talk and demonstrating that Republicans in America are focused on productive solutions and that we have no wish to duplicate our opposition’s dark side. We did it by saying we’re too busy making America great again to support or be distracted by people who want to tear it down.

Fast forward to Tuesday, September 6th. That’s when Judge Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination hearings began. Within 36 hours, over 73 people associated with the proceedings had been arrested. None of those were Republicans – all were part of a planned “anti-hate” liberal-progressive-socialist nationwide campaign to disrupt and distract from the confirmation process.

No one watching Brand-X’s aggressive and irrational elected officials and angry and disruptive protestors could take home any message but one – these folks are the personification of hate. It’s a message doomed to fail. America is not about hate.

It’s our declarative observation that what they’re doing is not working – and what we’re doing is. These events have brought our differences to life with crystal clarity. One offers a cause for pause – the other a cause for celebration.

The party of normalcy decisively demonstrated our credentials on August 11th. The party of extremism and anarchy began decisively demonstrating theirs on September 4th. Time will tell which script for America wins.

We believe these two events reveal where your vote should be invested this fall. It matters because they’re clearly not done. But then neither are we…


Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save…





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