Challenging C.F.S. (Liberal Control Freak Syndrome)

From the chair – There are a million ways to separate the conservative view from that of the left, but few offer more crystallized clarity than our opposition’s take on control.

Republicans believe the point of the sword on control is personal accountability for our own behavior and growth.

We believe the more people assume control over their own destiny, the greater individual potential for emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual prosperity. That requires a steady attachment to the importance of building good character and making good choices. As fans of big people over big government, we recognize that personal liberty doesn’t work without a matching measure of individual responsibility.

Our opposition’s view reverses our take 180 degrees. That point can be affirmed with one assertion: The left attempts to control everything but themselves.

For confirmation, simply read the Democratic Party Platform.  It’s all about big government, spending other people’s money, promising something for nothing and anyway you like it lifestyles as the enlightened path to nirvana. Finding calls for personal responsibility, good choices and character in the Democratic Platform is like trying to find a safe street corner in Chicago.

Which brings us to the real point of this missive.

If you’ve wondered why our Republican led General Assembly has been so keen on their effort to introduce six Amendments to the NC State Constitution, it all tracks to the left’s draconian control dedications.

We live in a time of unprecedented attack on our state’s historical values and system of governance. Each of the Constitutional Amendments proposed is an attempt to insulate these traditions of success from the abuses associated with legislation from the bench and big-government heavy-handedness by the opposition party.

That’s a long-winded way of saying the Amendments are an attempt to counter Liberal Control Freak Syndrome.

Here’s a quick take on each Amendment, what it’s about, and why it’s important.

The Right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife – This one is self-explanatory and to date 23 states have adopted a similar amendment. The why is simple – too many people who hunt, fish, and harvest with a cart in a grocery store are seeking to undermine the rights of those who do so with a gun or pole out in nature. This amendment seeks to preserve this right and heritage.

Marsy’s Law Amendment to strengthen protections for crime victims – Increasingly in our society criminals are afforded extraordinary protections that prioritize rights over responsibilities. The victims of crime are often further wronged by the results of this imbalance. Republican’s believe those harmed by crime deserve considerations at least equal to those who commit those crimes.

Amendment to lower state income tax cap from 10 percent to 7 percent – This amendment seeks to impair those who believe that robbing one set of pockets to fill another of their choosing is good governance. In contrast, Republicans believe in keeping the lion’s share of earned money in the pockets of those who work for that money.

Requiring photo ID for in-person voting – We’re surrounded by evidence of unscrupulous individuals, political movements and special interest groups who know no boundaries in attempting to secure their agendas. In unity with 38 other states, North Carolina is seeking to preserve the safety of one of the most important pieces of our governance puzzle – the voting booth. Republicans believe seeking ID for voting booth access is important for the same reason ID is necessary to board a plane, purchase a six-pack or apply for food stamps. We also believe that those who believe minorities are incapable of arranging for a personal ID are being incredibly racist, sexist and whatever other ‘ist’ one can think of.

Change the appointment process of the state elections board – This is nothing more than an attempt to unclutter and reduce the partisanship and unilateral control that continues to cloud and complicate healthy election functioning. Why – because Republicans want to keep the ballot box as free from manipulation as possible.

Change the appointment process for judicial vacancies between elections – This amendment stops the process of filling judicial vacancies by one person – the Governor – and puts it in the hands of a broader elected body – the General Assembly. This step will thus help keep judicial selection in the hands of the voters, reduce party dominance of the judiciary and will apply equally to Republicans and Democrats. The why – as we mentioned earlier, Republicans like amendments that support the idea of big people over big government.

Buncombe’s Republicans see the wisdom in these Amendments. We encourage you to vote for all six. May we also cheer you on in sharing the satisfaction of challenging Liberal Control Freak Syndrome in the thus impaired?

We’re talking about a political movement that discourages all boundaries on personal behavior; is indifferent to the importance of good personal choices; and which advocates a character model framed in the Seven Deadly Sins. Doing all that while simultaneously attempting to control everything else in the universe is dangerous – and, unfortunately, contagious.

The proposed 2018 Amendments to N.C.’s Constitution is another good step in challenging the left’s ‘C.F.S.’ zombie walk…


They want it all…


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