BCGOP distributes 10,000 sample ballots – more to come!

What’s going on?

From the chair – There are some interesting things going on in this election.

For one we have a great group of dedicated volunteers who are deserve a solid B for early voting site coverage. In a busy world and a community that’s antagonistic to conservatives, that’s something to celebrate!

Secondly, the BCGOP’s version of President Trump’s “deep state” is not having much success in undermining our efforts. Yes, the drama, criticism and gossip continues, but that’s more about motion than action. That’s why we call these folks the “shallow state.”  We’re too busy stepping around the negative and toward the positive to let them disturb our momentum. Grateful for those who are helping us stay on the right side of unity and productivity.

But the biggest and most interesting development of all involves our conservative ballots. Up through tomorrow, we will have distributed 10,000 conservative sample ballots. That’s an unusual development in a normally low turn-out mid-term election. What does it mean? We’re not sure, but it seems to say that conservative minded people are not staying home for this election.

There’s one other good sign. The opposition is very angry at our highly outnumbered representatives at the poll. There is frequent name calling, derogatory comments, threats, etc. that have a deeper message. You don’t attack or mock poll workers when they are ineffective. (;

Oh yes, on the ballots – we have more on the way. Lots more…



One thought on “BCGOP distributes 10,000 sample ballots – more to come!”

  1. I love it when they drop by the Headquarters and ask for these conservative ballots or to you house. It is really nice to see UNA requesting them hear people talk about leaving brand X.

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