From the chair – The Kavanaugh hearings are fraught with casualties – the nominee and his family, truth, authentic abuse victims, Senate credibility and our society’s standards of civility are just a few. Thanks to Brand-X, you can add the FBI to the list.

The FBI does two forms of investigation – criminal and background. The former is devoted to identifying criminal conduct warranting prosecution – the latter is dedicated to gathering information relevant to an individual’s suitability for a job or function – usually within government. Criminal investigations are held to catch bad guys – background investigations are held to gather information that is acted on by the requesting body. In the case of the FBI’s background investigation of SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh, the filtering agency would be the U.S. Senate. Each type of investigation has it’s department(s) and there is a clear separation between the functions.

In an “anyway we can” effort to derail the Kavanaugh nomination, Democratic Party leadership has demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice any principle, precedent and proceeding to that goal. Apparently that includes our nation’s premier investigative agency.

How? By asking the FBI to do something it has never done – conduct a background investigation for possible criminal behavior and thus bend the criminal and background investigative functions toward a politicized agenda.

Biden correctly raised that point of concern during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings in 1991. He has since decided it’s OK. We shouldn’t.

Politics – as demonstrated in recent lapses by senior FBI leadership – do not belong in the FBI for the same reason they do not belong at the Thanksgiving Dinner table. Politics – especially amidst today’s toxic cultural divide – corrupt the mission.

The liberal-progressive-socialist movement – as defined by today’s Democratic Party – is willing to accept this risk. Our Republican leadership should not.

In Congress we are already seeing the results of an indifference to form and function. Adding the FBI to the list will surely hasten our Republic’s slide.

Here’s hoping that the current FBI leadership resists this pressure – and that the Republican Party stands strong in the face of this unprecedented assault on our system of governance.

Biden’s slippery priorities and principles – and that of his peers – demonstrate why…


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