Paid poll workers? Nope – nobody gets paid in the Buncombe GOP…

Everyone volunteers!

From the chair- At the early voting polls today, a question was repeatedly ask of our volunteers, “How much are you paid to work here?” The answer is simple – “Every man and woman who serves in the BCGOP as a poll worker, officer, secretary, campaign HQ monitor, phone bank caller or anything else – is an unpaid volunteer.”

Does that have a down side? Sure. People drop the ball, fail to show up or otherwise make missteps. That’s how it goes when people are giving their time versus being paid for it. But we will take volunteers any day over paid workers.

Does the opposition pay their poll workers? They routinely pay protestors, so what do you think?

The Buncombe GOP relies on volunteers, fund raisers and citizen donations for all that we do. We have no staff, take no money from the state or national organization and most especially do not let candidates support our activities.

We carry our own weight. The Buncombe GOP radio ads you are hearing, sample conservative ballots you are seeing at the polls, the billboards you are driving by, the phone calls you are receiving and the ads you are reading in local papers are all coming from the hands of our volunteers and supporters.

Do we always get it right? No – but you will be hard pressed to find a group of local volunteers doing more with less with more consistency and positivity than the Buncombe GOP.

We do that in spite of the political hostilities coming from our opposition and even from members of our own party. Yes, the Buncombe GOP has its own antagonistic and drama driven deep state packed with folks who never miss a chance to undermine and criticize.

That’s OK – when you’re fighting for good you can’t expect it to be easy. Nothing good ever is.

How do we do it? We practice our motto – Step over the bad and toward the good.

We have a great BCGOP bunch of volunteers who do that very, very well.

Would you like to join us?

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