The simple answer is yes…

(and the media helps them)

It’s the first day of early voting in North Carolina and teachers all across the mountains say they’re ready for change. Many, in Buncombe County, are preparing to “march to the polls” this weekend. Educators across the state have created apple endorsement cards to educate teachers on the candidates committed to improving public education.

“We have to act. We have to vote. We have to figure this out,” said Angie Cathcart, Asheville City Association of Educators president.This is her 29th year as a teacher. “I know what it feels like to be in a state that values public education and the value that it brings to every citizen in the state,” Cathcart said.

She, and other educators, hope to see the polls packed with voters this weekend.

“The current General Assembly has, over the past eight or so years, chipped away at public education to the point where it’s really impacting our students,” Cathcart added.

Sounds good? Well maybe, but not if you are into the truth.  Here’s the truth-

  1. Average teacher salary in 2018-2019 – $53,600
  2. Average pay raise under Republicans since 2013 – $8,600
  3. Average percentage pay increase since 2013 – 19%
  4. Number of consecutive teacher pay raises – 5
  5. Percentage pay increase vetoed by Democrat Governor – 9.5%
  6. Number of teachers who have received at least at $10,000 raise under Republicans – 44,647
  7. Raises by the numbers – 2014 – 7%     2015 – 3.8%     2016 – 4.7     2017 – 3.3%     2018 – 6.2%

How have your raises been over that same period. Does it really sound like Republicans are indifferent to teachers, students and education? For some really revealing statistics, look at what Democrats did to education before Republicans won the majority.


In his 1980’s book “People of the Lie” Christian psychiatrist Scott Peck famously declared we were creating a generation of liars in business, politics, business, religion and education that would one day take the heart out of America. We are there.


Unfortunately, some teachers do lie – and some apparently also (at least by photo evidence) steal. A teacher willing to lie to parents to win power will lie to children for the same reason. Why? Because the best liars lie to themselves first.


WLOS helped some dishonest teachers echo their deceptions by giving three of their voices coverage with no countering input from the conservative side of the equation. That’s called advocacy journalism – and it’s just as dangerous as teachers of the lie…


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