This is the Fairview Community Early Voting Site and what’s left of the Republican booth.

From the chair – How candidates and political movements run sets the tone for how they will serve. If that’s an accurate statement – and we believe it is – Asheville and Buncombe County are in for more corruption, power politics, unethical behavior and liberal dominance by our Brand-X opposition.

All over our community, signs expressing the candidacy and political views of conservatives are being uprooted and destroyed with orchestrated thoroughness. We’ve offered a reward to help catch the thieves and vandals and we hope we get some takers, but as we all know, it’s tough to catch people in the act.

This was the reality that greeted our volunteers when they came in Sunday. thank to Tom V. for sharing this photo.

If you see someone stealing or vandalizing our signs or poll stations, please take a video and pass it on.

In the mean time we learn two things from this phenomena-  (1) The lack of morality in our opposition and (2) Why it’s important we do our best to reduce their footprint in our community.

Thanks for volunteering to help us do just that…


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