Trick or treat? Poll volunteer’s county corruption costume!

Heck, it’s seemed like Halloween around here for weeks!


During early voting, BCGOP Treasurer Angela Phillips has been doing a bang up job of holding the line for Republicans at the Enka Library. Like with so many of our volunteers, we’re grateful for her attitude, enthusiasm, organization, communication, support, encouragement, commitment – and sense of humor.

Angela dressed up today for Halloween. Her costume was designed to bring attention to the never ending tale of corruption coming out of local government. On occasion she has also been known to whisper into people’s ear, “You do know the Democratic Party has dominated city and county government for decades, don’t you?”

There’s nothing funny about corruption, but we love the way Angela is helping voters remember one of the big reasons to come to the polls – to get Republicans in office who will do something about that corruption and to get the people who let it happen – and even helped it happen – out of the seat of control.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and our poll workers have taken a beating from a mob of antagonistic members of the opposition – and more than a few unkind/immature voters. Still, our gals and guys have hung in there and made sure that most of the time and in most of the places – we had a smile and a hand passing out conservative sample ballots.

Just like that lady in prison garb up above. Thanks Angela – and everyone else who’s stepped up!

With gratitude,

Carl Mumpower, Chair – The Buncombe Republican Party Family

2 thoughts on “Trick or treat? Poll volunteer’s county corruption costume!”

  1. WTG Ms. Phillips! My hat is off to you and all volunteers who ensure the abuse dished out by the loy…I can’t even use that word loyal without gagging, so I will just say the opposition. I think Dr. Mumpower should seriously consider you for that Eagle Award.

    1. Thank you Aaron – great suggestion, but Angela got our Silver Eagle Award a few months back – well deserved as you suggest. (;

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