We need volunteers on election day!

H – E – L – P    W – A – N – T – E- D   !!!

From the chair – The early voting period is about to come to a close and our all-volunteer Buncombe Republican family deserves a solid grade for effort, poll coverage and persistence. Many thanks to all of the good folks who’ve helped in one good way or the other. That’s extra true for those who carried the toughest job of all – putting their feet on the ground at the polls and handed out conservative sample ballots. So far you’ve given out about 10,000 of those handy-dandy voting aides.

Good news – we have 10,000 more and need your help on election day making sure all of Buncombe’s polling stations are covered with conservative volunteers.

How many are there? Would you believe about 80? Whew…

Traditionally, we have been able to cover half of less of the more important polls. This year we want to see if we can up our game a tad and more volunteers is the key. We’re putting out our HELP WANTED sign and asking your support in finding volunteers to work a 2 hour or more shift on election day!

Please stop by our Campaign office in Suite 108 – One Oak Plaza – M-F from 12:00-6:00 to speak with one of the folks staffing our HQ or call the chair’s office at 252-8390 or email him directly at drmumpower@aol.com if you would like to help. We will handle the pass-a-long from there.

Remember – the BCGOP is doing billboards, radio ads, digital media and newspaper ads to promote conservative voters to go to the polls and vote for conservative candidates. When it’s all boiled down, however, nothing is more important than having a real person standing at the election sites with a conservative sample ballot for conservative minded voters – regardless of party.

Can you help – or do you know someone who might? Please let us know. HELP IS WANTED to make sure an America that’s working keeps going…

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