BCGOP Election Night Celebration!

Let’s spend time together on election night!


WHEN:           Tuesday, November 6th, 7:00 until ???

WHERE:         BCGOP Campaign HQ*

WHO:              Everyone who helped with the election in any way!

WHAT:             Food, beverages, camaraderie, election results and more…

WHY:               Let’s count the ways –

  1. To celebrate the men and women who had the courage to run in our community’s antagonistically progressive climate.
  2. To celebrate all of the volunteers who gave so much time at the polls to help elect those courageous candidates.
  3. To celebrate there were no volunteer injuries or fatalities amidst Asheville’s antagonistically progressive climate.
  4. To watch the election results and celebrate, learn, grow, and/or appreciate as opportunity provides.
  5. To join with others in our Buncombe Republican Family to give thanks for our members and blessings.


Please join us this coming Tuesday. We understand that candidate and other gatherings will be going on, but everyone associated with any of those events is welcome. We’ve been in this together and we look forward to celebrating – no matter how things go – the fact that we all tried hard – together!!!

*BCGOP HQ is located at One Oak Street, Asheville, NC 28801 in the One Oak Plaza Building downtown besides the traffic circle. This is the three story building that houses the downtown location of the state employee’s credit union. We are in Suite 108.















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