Democrats Can’t Find Their Happy Place…


From the chair – Buncombe’s Republican family had lots to celebrate in this past election. Living in Ground Zero for the liberal-progressive-socialist movement certainly made it tough to win, but it was clear our family and our candidates did a lot with not much money and an abundance of heart. If you came to our HQ after-election party, you found our spirits to be positive, encouraged and strong throughout the evening. Why? Because we knew we had done all we could with all we had.

Contrast that with our opposition. Have you watched out the losing Democrats in Georgia and Florida are acting? False witness is recognized as a Biblical sin for a reason. It’s amazing how enthusiastically the left embraces this temptation.

In spite of record turn-outs demonstrating a liberated electorate, declarations that elections were stolen and voters suppressed have been hurled about with the intensity of a doubles racket ball game on a warped court. Losing is clearly not a practiced skill set for today’s Democrats. In fact, according to so many of these folks (Hillary, Nancy and Harry established the model) Democrats no longer lose – they are robbed.

Pouting and screaming their victim status has become a perfected art among the opposition – but they are not much better when they win. The words leadership, service statesmanship are no longer in vogue at Donkey HQ. The new buzz words are resist, attack, impeach and destroy.

Instead of using elections as an opportunity to declare war, might that energy be better invested in learning about the three branches of government (Executive, Judicial and Legislative)? Case in point – a not-very-informed and newly minted NY rep who has declared herself a socialist determined to destroy the government she is charged with upholding. That’s not a problem according to some Democrats. Ends justify the means thinking has become a license to be mean, obnoxious and not very smart.

As we walk away from this election and toward 2020, it’s important that the Republican family smile. This mid-term went far better than it could have or was expected to. Nationally, certainly the best thing that could have happened was for us to preserve our Republican majority in the House. But the next best thing was to elect an irrational and emotionally combustible Democrat majority that will spend the next two years demonstrating why voters should reach for the Republican lever next time.

In some ways we should feel sorry for our opposition. Win or lose, they can’t seem to find their happy place. We know our place – and it’s not in whining, antagonism and fantasy governance models coached out of ignorance. Our happy place comes from quietly, persistently, and unitedly working to preserve America’s Success Equation. That’s a message that can fill a voter’s heart far better than the left’s never-ending case of the miseries…


Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Prosperity

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