Tired but happy – BCGOP volunteers leave it all on the field!

Thank you!

From the chair:  The polls close in Buncombe County in about 15 minutes. There’s not much more to say now – and most of us are too tired to say anything more anyway. We did indeed “leave it all on the field.”

60 of Buncombe’s 80 precincts were fully scheduled with pledged volunteers and commitments by Area Coordinators and Precinct Chairs. There were some gaps in follow-up, but most of our volunteers and leaders did a great job of stepping up the plate on this last day of a strenuous election. There were literally hundreds of you!

If you have any energy left, come on over to the BCGOP HQ – every conservative minded person is invited. We have food and beverages and companionship as we share the outcome. Know this – we will celebrate two things tonight – (1) Those candidates who succeed in their good efforts to win an elected seat and (2) The fact we held up our end of the deal and then some.

As chair, I can say with no equivocation – there was nothing more the BCGOP could have done. We coordinated, organized, communicated, advertised, promoted, supported and worked our hearts out. As things come to an end, there’s only one more thing to say to those who tried so hard today-

We’re Grateful!

5 thoughts on “Tired but happy – BCGOP volunteers leave it all on the field!”

  1. And I for one am grateful to you for the leadership you have provided; for setting an example of seeking our goals in a commendable manner; of seeking higher ground instead of anything goes; for acknowledging God as we open our exec Cmte meetings with prayer.

    I appreciate the communications from our secretary and the info she provides promptly at my request. I consider it a plus to have met and worked with Marilyn Brown, Angela Phillips, and Gina Pressley. I’m grateful to 11 members of my church who volunteered in the campaign.

    I’m sorry we didn’t have more victories but I’m proud of our candidates for their willingness to serve and their hard work. It is a privilege to have been a part of this noble effort.

  2. The Buncombe County GOP was outstanding in every way throughout the course of this 2018 election. With the limited resources we had, there was a laser focus on using them wisely and strategically. I have met the most dedicated, amazing, talented, and kind spirited people in Buncombe County to date since we have lived here these past 23 years. I am so very glad I chose to run this race and I only regret I lost because I know that so many of you wanted me to win. God bless each and every one of you and I look forward to working with you and seeing all of you very soon.

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