You’re Going to Like This Election Reflection!

Things are Looking Positive for Tuesday Finish!

From the chair – To put it simple, the Buncombe GOP family has worked their fanny off this election. Those efforts – building on the good works of our predecessors and recent conservative activism by our partners in good governance – have contributed mightily to some pretty exciting numbers.

Will start with a number for tomorrow – election day. We have 60 of Buncombe’s 80 polls fully scheduled with volunteers. The other 20 are mostly small or inner city sites – like Montford – where the environment is hostile and decisively locked with liberal-progressives. All polls matter but the ones that really matter fall within our magic 60. Thanks to all of the Precinct Chairs, Area Coordinators and key volunteer leaders who stepped up to the plate in unprecedented fashion.

Now for some return on everyone’s investment.

Approximately 11,234 Buncombe Republican votes were cast in Early Voting in 2014

15,954 Republican votes has been cast in Early Voting in 2018

Republicans have already cast 4739 more votes in Early Voting this election than in 2014.

The trend this election, according to these results – indicates we are up 29% in Republican Early Votes.

If you subtract the total Republicans voting in 2014 Early Voting from final Republican votes (23,517-11,234) 12,283 Republicans showed up on Election Day in 2014. If you take 23, 517 total Republican votes in 2014 and figure 15,954 have voted in 2018 Early Voting, we need only 7,564 Republicans to show up Tuesday – Election Day, to surpass 2014 results.

Always true in Buncombe County, we cannot rely on just Republican votes. We are out-numbered approximately 2 to 1 in regards to registered Democrats vs. Republicans. However, the BCGOP has had an upswing in Republican registrations this year – over 1000. Then too, we must consider the unaffiliated votes that will come our way (leans conservative) and how many moderate Democrats cross party lines to vote for their Republican candidates.

In final election outcomes, we anticipate our Republican Candidates will pull significant UNA and Democrat votes and garnish more Republican votes than in 2014. We are trending towards positive results. Our hundreds of volunteers have just completed 3 weeks of standing at the polls handing out over 12.000 conservative sample ballots. In a close election, this kind of volunteerism matters. Our job is not done – we continue to be “boots on the ground” until 7:30 Election Night.

Per the weather and other variables, Tuesday’s outcome is not predictable – but we have some good things to smile about. Do you know anyone who might be encouraged by these numbers and do their part by getting out to vote?

We’re grateful for every conservative minded person who has already taken that step!


The post-election party starts at 7:00 at the BCGOP HQ in One Oak Plaza – join us!

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