It’s Past Time to Heal America’s Portal to Infection…

Celebrating those attempting to protect our borders…


From the chair – I’m married to a nurse. Like most nurses, wherever she goes she tries to make things better. That soft touch is a constant reminder that women do indeed ‘civilize the world.’

One of her much-repeated efforts toward that end is the gentle reminder that cuts, scrapes and burns are, “a portal for infection.”

That doesn’t mean that every boo-boo will necessarily result in bacterial disaster, just that in the face of an open wound, the potentials for such go up. Unintentional injury to our skin’s border can create a ‘portal’ for unintentional consequences.

All portals are not bad – penetrations of our body’s self-protective shell can be good and necessary. A vaccine can prevent illness, surgery can heal a cancer, and pulling a bad tooth can stop infection and ease pain.

The goodness or badness is largely determined around whether the intrusion comes out of chaos – an unplanned spider bite – or purposeful activity – an IV antibiotic infusion necessary to treating the escalating infection of a spider bite.

Everything you just read has direct application to what can be argued as America’s greatest domestic concern – our porous borders as an inarguable portal for infection.

Everything about what is happening on our southern border is mired in chaos. Our immigration policies are broken, inconsistently upheld and reliably confused.  Border security is at best a temporary inconvenience to those seeking to steal their way intro America. Those who succeed are not much-needed engineers, scientists or health care providers. With predictability, they are poor, uneducated, and ill-equipped. They are mothers with children whose capacity to contribute to their host country is, for an extended period of time, dramatically overshadowed by their need to depend on the generosity of that country.

America has always been a beacon to the world. We will continue to be so, but the key to our historical success has been managed immigration framed in manageable numbers.

Prior to the last 3 decades, our historic number of immigrations per year from all sources approximated 250,000.  Support, training and assimilation were realistic goals. Now, we are absorbing 4,5, or 6 times that number per year and providing tons of support, but little or no training and assimilation. People are not coming to America, they are stealing their way into America.

Out of what is arguably the greatest criminal conspiracy in our country’s history – supported equally by human traffickers, unscrupulous employers, do-little politicians, judges who legislate from the bench, progressive enablers and others who otherwise benefit from porous borders – has come a flood of unintentional consequences.

Thirty-percent of the inmates in our Federal jails are illegal aliens. Over half of all immigrants – both legal and illegal – receive welfare, food stamps, or other safety net resources through direct eligibility or an anchor baby. Speaking of such, per the Washington Times, approximately twenty-five percent of the children in our public schools come from immigrant families. In one state, California, the bill for healthcare for illegal aliens is fast approaching ten billion a year. Those who suggest illegal aliens are paying their way apparently don’t know that half of these folks are women and children. Nor do they have any experience as a poor language impaired mother attempting to raise children in a new world.

Americans – most all Americans – embrace compassion for their fellow man. That holds just as true for those in foreign lands as here at home. No country on earth has anything like our history of attempting to uplift.

That is after all the real issue – not whether we uplift others, but how.

American cannot raise the world by becoming like the world. A candle that is blown out or tipped over no longer serves as a beacon of light. It is more likely a source of added danger.

At an earlier time in our history, no one locked the front door of their house – much less their automobile. Now, most everyone does both. Similarly, there was a time when mostly unimpaired borders worked for America. Now, it’s clear they don’t.

Unfortunately, though our leaders have a long history of talking about solutions, they have no history of producing any that are tangible, productive and realistic. That track record of failure goes back so far, most people don’t remember anything but the boundaryless reality we have today.

This unsustainable equation rant into its own wall on the weekend before Christmas.

That barrier came in the form of a President who drew a line in the sand and refused to cooperate with Congress on again kicking the illegal immigration can down the road. He used one of his last tools in the box to call out the relentless obstructionism of his Democratic opponents – fund the wall or assume responsibility for my refusal to endorse the latest in a long line of stop-gap budgets.

Make no mistake that the left’s resistance was pure political theater and obstructionism – it had nothing to do with principled opposition. How do we know? Look at the innumerable pro-border statements of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama before President Trump took office. Their current battle against protecting our boundaries is strictly based in anger and self-service.

May we suggest that our President’s principled effort to stand by his promises contrastingly merits deep respect and support?

At the time this article was submitted, where things would land was not clear. What was crystal clear was that the 11th District has a lion for a representative who was also taking a remarkably strong stand on this issue.

Mark Meadows refused to go with the flow and let the DC pattern of postponing tough decisions quietly win again. On the weekend before Christmas, everywhere you turned, his courage, conviction and character were on center stage. No solider on any of our history’s lethal battlefields more surely put himself on the line than our Congressman did in standing firm on the importance of addressing our nation’s No. 1 portal to infection.

When time ran out, and a partial shut-down began, our Congressman took another special step in refusing to accept his salary until the shut-down is resolved. That’s extraordinary, and on top of his other efforts, suggests an equation for your consideration and celebration.

Priorities (Build the Wall) + Principles (Keep your word) + Integrity (Eat what your troops eat) = LEADERSHIP

It is only through such mighty men – and women – that our nation’s portals to infection have a chance to heal…


Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save


2 thoughts on “It’s Past Time to Heal America’s Portal to Infection…”

  1. Your comments are absolutely right on. The trouble is that the Republican Party is totally unable/unwilling to hold the Democrats responsible for the negative situation resulting from their obstruction.

    1. Thank you Mr. Kirk – there is evidence the majority are trying. It’s always easier to unite around obstructing vs producing. That’s the left’s current model of public service.

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