Yesterday, the current Buncombe Republican Party Chair shared a letter with the BCGOP Executive Committee that among other things noted he would not be seeking reelection to that post.

Today, out of that decision, he sent a letter to President Trump. We thought you might enjoy what was shared.


January 3rd, 2019

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Trump:

Over the past two years, I have had the opportunity to serve as chair of the local Republican Party. That tenure is fast approaching its conclusion, and there are a number of people I need to thank. You are at the top of my list.

First off, thank you for motivating me to step toward this responsibility.  My initial decision to run was in direct response to your election. I saw in you a man with the unique potential to act on the word you gave as a candidate – and that potential merited support. Thank you for validating that hope. I know of no President in my lifetime – including Ronald Reagan – who has demonstrated more perseverance, sacrifice, and honesty in attempting to be in office what he said he would be in his campaign.

Thank you for your creativity. I find the way you bedazzle entrenched bureaucrats, unprincipled politicians, biased media pundits and insincere world leaders extraordinarily effective and refreshing.

Thank you also for being a game changer. You have shown patriotic Americans something many have lost sight of – one person can make a difference. Indeed, you are personification of a core American reality – one man or woman at the right time in the right place doing the right thing has always made the best differences.

Thank you for refusing to discard the American Success Equation. Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Prosperity has defined the American Dream from our inception. How fortunate we are to have a chief executive officer who gets the specialness of this formula and who refuses to pretend we can leave out ingredients and achieve the same outcome.

Thank you for putting so much on the table to secure our borders. Thank you for your understanding of the monumental importance of grounding our immigration policy in reason and the rule of law versus corruption and postponement. Thank you for understanding that we need secure borders for the same reason people lock their doors and former Presidents build walls around mansions.

Thank you for putting your principles, platform and promises above popularity and for giving conservative leaders and voters a reason to reengage and fight back. We are blessed to have someone at the helm who is more concerned with the rocks ahead than making sure the brass is catching the sun’s reflection.

Thank you for being willing to frustrate, disappoint, anger, irritate, intimidate and ignore when it is right to do so. Thank you for just as surely being willing to engage, befriend, encourage, respect, back-up and love when those skills are important.

Thank you for your courage. Though – like all human beings – you have fear, doubt, hurt, anger, selfish, and worry buttons, it is clear your courage button is bigger.

Above all else, thank you for your time, energy, and family sacrifices. In your eyes and actions, I see a man with the mileage to know these are the essence of life. Thank you giving them to us so selflessly.

In close, I appreciate the opportunity to thank you for stepping forward to run and serve as our nation’s leader. Though you are persistently disparaged, misjudged and ridiculed for your motives and methods, it has been my privilege to witness in you an eclipsing mark of nobility. Unlike so many of your peers and antagonists, you understood before you started that the Presidency was a daunting responsibility – not a validating prize.  And you stepped forward anyway…

With gratitude,

Carl Mumpower, Chair – The Buncombe County Republican Party family

Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save


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