Current BCGOP Chair’s tenure to end March 2nd…

-from the desk of-

Carl Mumpower, Chair

Buncombe County Republican Party of North Carolina

One Oak Plaza – Suite 309

Asheville, North Carolina 28801

(828) 252-8390 ~ ~ Buncombe

January 2nd, 2019

From:   Carl Mumpower, Chair

To:       Buncombe County Republican Party Executive Board

Subj:    Upcoming convention and election

Dear Board Members:

It’s been a little shy of two years since we assumed our respective leadership roles with the Buncombe Republican Party. It has been an honor to join with you in representing our community’s 46,000 Republicans. I am especially grateful for the many volunteers who understood and embraced our two central themes – unity and stepping around the negative toward the positive with a full measure of energy, creativity and sincerity.

The initial decision to run for the Chair’s position centered largely on one pivotal political event – the election of our current President. In this gentleman there was potential for an elected official who would uniquely attempt to fulfill the promises upon which he campaigned. That potential has been validated – and I am indebted for the opportunity to generate support for President Trump and our Republican representatives in Washington, Raleigh and elsewhere. We are indeed fortunate to have such special people serving under such trying circumstances.

Approaching the completion of my tenure, I have made the decision to clear the way for new leadership and shift to other responsibilities. Come Saturday, March 2nd, we will hold our county convention at our secured location in the Buncombe County Courthouse. At that time, we will elect and get behind a new team to carry the BCGOP forward as a crucial bridge between the 10th & 11th Districts.

In the interim two months we will press on with enthusiasm and strengthen the foundation for those who will come later. It is my hope that volunteers who have supported my personal efforts over the past two years will carry that commitment forward with our new leadership team.

I remain grateful for the many Republicans who have aided in building on the good works of our predecessors. It was important work – for today’s Republican Party truly stands as the only organized political movement capable of countering the expanding harmful extremes of our opposition. Together, we have had many special moments, opportunities and impacts in support of that special mission.

With gratitude,

Carl Mumpower, Chair – The Buncombe County GOP family


Why be a Republican? Because we get The American Success Equation.

Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Prosperity

And we don’t pretend that skipping ingredients produces the same results…

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